Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Presence: That Is All

A good friend of mine recently asked me to write something pertaining to the Presence of God. I was momentarily baffled at what would fill the empty pages before me. Then I remembered that the page itself already knew what would be written.

So I just let go of wondering what would be, and I began filling the page. Before I knew it, and without much thinking on my part, I had before me the words that needed to be said.

I found that when I just am, all that I need unfolds right in front of me.

And this is what came through....

Enjoy and Much Love!

The Presence I am

It’s all around you
It is in you
It is you

I look up to the stars
Light pushing through dark
I remember their origin-
It is that of my Heart

A fleeting glimpse was shown
The connection of all
In a second I knew-
Only one blood-
Truly runs through

In so many words-
Does a truth come through?
Words seem to lose there meaning-
When it comes to you

It’s not just one or two
All the stars shine
Shards of the Source-
This is true

What can you see?
What do you feel?
My Heart beats
My breath is deep
This is real

It’s all around me
It is in me
It is me

This light I can see
It came from within
My Heart is the Beacon
With my eyes
I am gifted beyond seeing

Without words
There is little to say
Go in the Heart-
And you will hear
All that no man can say

All that you are
Is what you are today
We move with the light
We move on our way

Our guide is the beat of our Heart
Together our drums sound
In unity we are not apart

It’s all right here
A presence you say…..
Like a reflection
My mirror in your eyes
Shining with life
A Divine surprise

Clear the lenses of you vision
Open you inner eye
And you will see
It is all me
My Presence forever
I am all that I can be
This is for you-
To see

Written by ~Jimmy Page~