Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Open Heart Healing....and Revealing.

I today get to say I am a writer.  Hooray!  I don’t need to write anything to say per say, but it helps me to see the light of day.  Helps me to uncover the hurts I’d buried away.  I feel pain inside.  It bubbles to the surface more often than not.  I cover it back over a lot.  It’s not pleasant.  Yet the more I try to hide, the brighter the beam its blinds.  You can’t hide from the pain forever, I tell myself.  The hurts surface to find release.  So what do I do?
Make the space to give your pain awareness.  Let it ride.  It’s ok to feel the uncomfortability  of it.  To grow you must work thru the hurt.  Find out what you’ve buried down deep and how it’s disabling the fullness of your present moment.
You don’t have to solve the problems of the world; you just need to become aware of what holds you down from accessing your dreams, your imagined destiny. 
I get overwhelmed in possibilities.  I let the vastness of life keep me at bay instead of journeying into the depths of the Ocean.  I let myself get tied up in the details.  The result is dormancy.  Nothing gets done.  Pondering what could be, instead of taking action and seeing what comes together from your hard work and dedication is a dead end destination.
So what comes next?  Do I wallow in my sorrows or take positive action in my life.  God knows I’ve wallowed, but that’s just plain old.  NOW is action time, time to push through the hurts.  Turn the hurts of yesterday into the incentives of today.  Let the challenge be to overcome what daunted you in the past.  Don’t let the past get the best of you.  Live for today and discover you can rise above the challenges that once held you down.
Speak up, speak out.  Share the truth that it yours to give.  Let the world see the colors you have to shine.  Don’t hold back the light you have within.  We all have a light to shine upon the world.  It takes courage and passion to shine your light, but it is your destiny.  We all are here to share the beauty within.  We have a special contribution to offer to the world.  Once you know the gift you have to share, the next step is to discover the path that exposes your creation to the world.  Whether you’re a painter, a writer, a doctor, teacher, or any other lifestyle you choose, you have the opportunity to positively impact the world with the light that shines within you!
Let it shine.  Make a difference in your life and discover what brings you joy, and then go share it with the world.  We all have a light within that is yearning to be revealed to the world.  What does your light look like?
Much Love,
  ~Jimmy Page~