Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Inspired To Be

The first flakes began to fall. I am becoming increasingly aware of it all. The flakes fly gently down, falling gracefully, ever so to the ground. It’s a wonder to me, how will this snow accumulate? To what will it be? I could easily get lost in the wondering thoughts, but gently I coax myself back home, to the present moment of falling flakes, to the dance of divinely designed sculptures of white.

The sky it does most certainly cry. Partially frozen tears of joy, cascading down as angels all dressed in white. It is a blanket to coat the land, the energy from the heavens to amplify all who walk in grace, hand in hand.

For now its goes slow, slowly down it goes. I look again and momentum is gained. Where there was once few but a flake, now many swirl together in a rhythmic wake. It is sent to us from the One who weeps for us all to awake. The invisible air is being filled with dancers draped in the purest of color, all reflections of one.

It’s easy to get lost from the moment. I challenge you, and of course me too; breathe in the fullness of it all, let your thoughts fade away, and enter the moment NOW!

Feel what you do. No words necessary. Feelings are the things that always speak truth to you. Let go the story you’ve walked in the past. No need to look to the future, because it’s only a guess to what will be, confused by the mask of all your expectations from the past.

Step into the moment with your heart open to the mystery of life. In your heart you will know only this moment can guide you home. Home is where the heart is. Now you awaken and find all that you seek has worn a disguise of costumes, played by past stories and futures lullabies.

With eyes free of illusions in time, you suddenly uncover the truth of life. It’s all in this moment. The only moment to discover all that you seek needs no finding. Everything is right here. Now is the time to burn through the fear and step into the light.

It’s all around you, one step to enlight, and a lifetime upon many to fall into the candles flame to ignite our eternal birth right. Thrive you beautiful soul. Let you spirit be lifted and your love be discovered. It’s all in the moment, one speck of white turning into a quilt of light, connecting us all. Until the last of the flakes fall, we’re all in this together, One in All!!!

Blessings of light and love to U all! ~Jimmy Page~