Saturday, December 5, 2009

Just Because

I am here and I am there. Got to get back home so I can be a poem, written and honed, relaxed and true, workin my way through the blues, stop by and say hi, tell me the words you feel inside, come on in and sit down my friend, by the warmth of the fire we will warm our bones and be filled with passion, desire, we will create joy and love and the heavens will rain down on us from up above, let us ride the moment and fall into atonement, this is my story, written as it was in the moment, you ask why, and I say "Just because"

Friday, December 4, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

2012; A story......

The mysteries of 2012 are filled with the insights we as a collective need to step into the next phase of evolution. In a time of such great change it seems as if the message that our ancestors have worked so hard to reach us, has been in some contexts greatly distorted. Ancient cultures such as The Mayans have laid out a map for us to learn what is to come in the time of 2012, and more importantly what we can do to aid ourselves in the end of this Great World Age.

December 21, 2012 marks the ending of two monumental cycles. The first cycle is concluding a 5,125 year cycle. This cycle is last of five World Ages that make up one Great World Age. A Great World Age is approximately 26,000 years long. This 26,000 year period is the duration it takes for the Earth to make one wobble. This wobble occurs because as the Earth orbits it is constantly being pulled into two different directions. The Sun pulls the Earth in one direction, and the Moon pulls it in the opposite direction. The Moon although small still has a strong magnetic pull on the Earth because of its close proximity to the Earth.

This seems like a lot to chew on, but it is merely the workings into which help us uncover the mysteries of 2012. The events that are occurring as we speak are the results of the ending of the two great cycles. This has been referred to as The Precession of the Equinoxes. This is the amount of time it takes the Earth to travel through the entirety of the Zodiac. One Wobble, 26,0000 years, and a completion of the Earth through every constellation of the Zodiac.

The grandiosity of this event is the culmination of a massive celestial alignment. On December 21, 2012 we will be ( The equator of Earth and our Sun) directly aligned with the core of our Galaxy, which is the center of the Milky Way. This process has been in full swing since approximately 1980. The date of 2012 is the exact alignment, yet the affects of this phenomenon have been and will continue to go on for years to follow.

The exact outcome of the events of 2012 are as of yet undetermined. What we do know is that there is a planetary alignment with The Milky Way that only occurs every 26,000 years. This core is a massive fluxuating magnetic source of energy that greatly influences the environment of our home planet Earth. How it is affecting us is now what we are in the process of uncovering.

These are the facts, the bare bones of what is going on right now. Beyond the facts lies Mystery. The Mystery is where the magic happens. It is said that now in this great time of change we have within each one of us, the power to influence the outcomes of this ancient prophecy. We as a collective will determine if we are to sink or swim.

Through our conscious choices or lack there of them, we will pave the way to a bright or darker still future. Now is the time to make a difference. If we can choose to break away from old patterns and create a new vision that revolves around compassion and unity, our lives will be greatly enhanced with joy and abundance. These actions will lead to harmony within our surroundings that in turn will create inner and outer peace.

The happenings of 2012 are so vast and endless in possibilities that volumes of books could only scrape the surface of what is to be. What is important now is to take stock in your life and all life that surrounds you. Are you happy with your environment of internal and external living? Do you see what changes are necessary to create a to better tomorrow, today? Are you willing to do what it takes to make this vision your new reality? These are the questions we all need to be asking ourselves right now.

A new day is upon us and with it comes the responsibility to take a conscious part in the unfolding of evolution. With so much upheaval within our outer and inner worlds we need to focus our energy on letting go of what is no longer working for us and start creating a new vision that not only serves our highest good, but the highest good of life as a whole. We are not a separate entity upon ourselves. We are connected to the birds, the bees, and the trees. We are one in the whole. Now is the time to recognize we are stewards to the Earth. We do not own the land, we are part of the land. Live life as if you were raising a precious child, care for it with a nurturing heart, create an environment in which that child can grow and thrive within, and lastly lead by example.

There is an ancient saying that goes like this, "Yesterday is history, Tomorrow a mystery, but Today, today is a gift, and that is why it is called The Present."

May our wisdom lead the way to creating a vision of beauty, harmony, peace, and unity. Look within and you will find the way. Today is "The Present" that life has given you. Use this gift wisely and you will find the Mystery of tomorrow to be quite a pleasant surprise.

Be well.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hello 2 U,

It's been a bit since I have contributed to my blog.

I have been quite busy trying to start up a new venture in life. I am working on creating and establishing A business. I must say that it is a big step for me. I am excited and faithful about this whole thing.

I am going to set up some kind of "here I am" kind of thing, but have not gotten around to that yet. Stay tuned!

My word of the day is ENCOURAGEMENT. I think we all needs some at certain points in our life. I have been propelled by the universe and My Self to push into uncharted territories. The unknown can sometimes be a bit scary. I have sunk my life raft and now I need to dive within and create myself a new means to keep afloat in this world.

Thankfully I have faith in myself and what I am doing. But I will tell you this, some days its a little disconcerting. So i am encouring myself to stay calm and know that all will be ok. I am doing what feels right in my gut, and the rest will just have to fall in place as it will.

So With this ENCOURAGEMENT I push forward. Life gives us exactly what we need when we need it. SO here I am life, What's for dinner?

And so the story goes. I am ok with the uncertainty, at least I am for now. I am keeping the faith that things will fall in place as need be.

I will let you know how it goes as it goes.

I encourage us all to take a step out of our comfort Zone and to go out and chase our dreams, to play with filling our heart's desires. Its not always easy, but it is exciting, and in my eyes, it makes life alive. Life lives and breathes when you step out on a limb. Try it out, you might like it! If you don't like it you can always step back to where you think you appear comfortable.

But remember that life is precious and time seeems to be this commodity that passes us by if we aren't paying close attention.

Don't live a life full of regrets. Go out into the world and do what makes you happy. Go create the stuff that excites you. You can only do it if you our willing to try.

I think too many of us live in fear of the "what if's" Living in fear holds us back from experiencing true JOY.

For a moment put down the suitcase of "what it's" and step outside the box and welcome in something new, something unknown.

It took me a long time to finnally realize that noone was going to drop my dreams upon my lap. When it set in that if I didn't go out and chase my dreams they would never happen, I gathered up the courage and got off my ass and started creating the life that I had been dreaming about.

Now I won't lie, this can be a hard journey. But the rewards of seeing your dreams begin to come to fruition are immeasurable.

I know that when we dedicate ourselves to uncovering and then creating our dreams, a whole new world begins to open up to us. The mundane world in which we once lived in seems to suddenly ignite into this magical place that lives and breathes all around us. Its awesome stuff.

So give it a go, I encourage you to take a chance, Live a dream. Because if you don't do it for yourself it will never happen.

And if you are already chasing down your dreams, or better yet, livin them, well then right on. Keep on keepin on!

In ending this little segment of ENCOURAGEMENT I would like to say thanks for listening and I send my loving energy to you, and may your dreams come true.

Much Love,

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Flyin on a Whim

Jimmy's Art O'Rama

The Magical Weave of Life

The Way of the Waves ( And the times of our lives)

Today I can feel the breath of life surging through me.

And I like it.

Life can be such a whirlwind sometimes. Time seems to go by so fast, and I keep wondering, what's with this thing we call time.

My perception of time is very flimsy. The days for me blend togther forming one big blanket of life. Its like a continuos flow that has no stop or start. It just keeps moving.

Some days I take a step back to see what is going on all around me. It interesting to get a different perspective on things once in awhile. When I do this its as if I am watching this immense wave roll by. I enjoy seeing things from here, yet I enjoy being in the thick of things and riding the crest of the wave we oddly refer to as time.

Time is a funny thing. Some days you got time, others you don't. All the same, I say time is an illusion that aids us in getting from point A to point B. Time is there so we can pretend that everything isn't going on all at once. WHich it is.

I do my best with this concept we call time. One day it seems to work for me, and other days it screws me all up.

I suppose that the best I can do is live my life the best I know how. And as far as time goes; some days I'll give it, and other days, I'll take it.

In end, or in beginning, I see time for what it is and what it is not. I haven't totally figured out what its all about. SO I guess I'll do the Hokey Pokey and I'll turn it all about.

Be well,

Saturday, September 5, 2009

In the Waves of the Wild Round Moon

The full moon of yesterday has my energies flittering in the wind. I feel like I am on the top of a flag pole in gusty winds hangin on for dear life.

Ok so maybe I am exaggerating a bit, but all the same, things are bit crazy right now.

May patience is like thin black ice. I am walking on its surface and it keeps cracking under my weight at a ratio of about every other step. Not mention in times like these its easy to slip into situations that escalade from a minor altercation into some wild tornado of unhindered emotions flying loose all around town.

My barometer tells me I need to chill out, take a deep breath and center myself, ground myself, and focus on the positive aspects of life.

I think after I am done here I am going to do a little Qi gung to bring myself back down to Earth a bit. Because right now my anchor line is loose and the ground appeears to be some far off illusion.

Ground down, I am putting my root down into this Earth and letting the bigger picture of life come back into focus.

And thats that. Off I go to create a space to reconnect to the inner harmony that keeps me movin forward in a positive direction.

Now is the time to take control and make this life what I know it is to me. Livin the Life I love I am Livin in the rays of this glowing Sun's day!

Peace to One and All.

Much Love,

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Breathing it Through

I don't have much to say today. But I will say that I am happy to be alive and am joyful that life has gifted me with so many blessings.

It's funny how its the little things in life that seem to give us the most joy and happiness.

I am trying to be as open of a vessel as I can be. And with this openness I Let the sweet rhythms of life flow thru me.

Waves of life fill me with ups and downs, joys and sorrows alike. I stay grounded and fly for the stars and make the best of what each and every moment has to offer.

And I love life. Even on the hard days I do my best to breathe in the currents of life and allow them to run there course. As long as I let life flow and do not resist, I am able to be in my power and find my way even through the darkest of days.

On this journey I give thanks each day for unlimited blessings. I look around and find the beauty that surrounds us all. Nature is always talking to us. To hear her all I have to do is open myself to that experience. I breathe it in deep and drink within its precious beauty.

Thank you for taking a moment to listen.

Breathe in life and life shall breathe its power within you.

Many blessings and Much love to U all!

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Universe and Beyond

This is a Noah and Jimmy Original
Totally Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joyful Change

Hello to the world, and you too!

Exciting days these are. SO much going on in the world. I am breaching new frontiers of my life, and I must say it is as exciting as it is mysterious.

I am stepping into a whole new world, and the possibilities are endless.

Making leaps as the one I have just begun to jump into can be a bit scary at times. Its all ok though. As long as we keep moving forward with determination and intention, we will persevere. And even if a certain venture turns to be not working out, well then there is always something else on the horizon just waiting to be embraced by us.

Its a wonderful time in life. Its a moment when we take life by the horns and live the dreams we have longed to fulfill.

I am sending energy for our highest good into the Universe, into all of existence and beyond I send love and joy to all.

We all have the gift within us to bring our deepest and most heartfelt aspirations to life.

So in these moments of great change I send love to you and yours and I also embrace the love that showers upon my blessed soul.

Be well, and take the time to look within yourself, and know that you have the gift to grow your life into the precious and wondrous masterpiece that it truly is.

May the rays of the Sun warm your soul and expose the fruition of your eternal beauty.

So much Love to YOU!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

As my world turns

Into the light of day

Oh my Oh my.

Finally I am back to the wild world of the web.

Soon I hope to upload some of my videos that speak the truth that I enjoy sharing with the world, or whoever may be listening.

I look forward to the experimentation of bringing my truth into the light.

Much Love,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Its up in the air

Alrighty then!

Still not connectin to the net at my abode.

Hopefully soon!

My kind cousin is letting me use his connection.

I am going to attempt to download or upload some of my videos.

We'll see how it goes.

Be well,

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Getting Closer

Ok then.

I am kind of excited and a bit frustrated too. I am in the process of setting up a brand spanky new web cam. Exciting stuff. The only challenge is trying to get it cooperate with me. It's been quiet a battle I must say. And as we speak I am downloading this and that to get this thing to work. It's a bit challenging to my computer skills, or lack there of them.

Have no fear, I will eventually persevere. I am doing my best and that's all I can do.

So hopefully in the very near future I will be broadcasting in crystal clear webcam clarity!

You will be the first to know!

Talk to you soon

Monday, July 27, 2009

Last Night (a poem I wrote)

A Day in the Life

Hello 2u

Today I am feeling the effects of life's ups and downs. This morning was really fun. Noah and I had a wild water fight to cool us down a bit on this wonderfully hot day.

Now Noah is asleep and I am trying to figure out what exactly I am going to next. I have a list and I am about to check it twice. Hopefully I can find something nice to do.

Anyhow, I should probably get movin on.

But before I go I just want to say that sometimes with so many things to do its hard to decide where to start. I suppose we need to start with what feels the most compelling to us. When we go with what calls to us it seems like things fall into place a bit easier than when we push ourselves to do something we don't want to do. Everything will get done in its own time. Just keep the faith!

And by the way, check out some of my video links. The sound is a bit off track from the visuals, but it makes it all the more interesting to experience.

Enjoy the day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Sweet Play of The Rain & (Patience)

The rain falls gently against the window and I love it. I so enjoy the rain. You must be thinking of how lucky I am with the abundance of rainfall we have been experiencing. It is true, I do feel fortunate. I a firm believer that we recieve just what it is we need. So right now I guess we need the cats and dogs of rain.

My day has layed itself out and oh how the ride has been a wild one. I haven't even left the house and I feel as though I have been through a world of ups and downs.

It's funny how no matter where we happen to be, life always presents us with a plethora of interesting experiences.

My son is the greatest blessing of life for me and equally so the greatest challenge. There is not a boundry I do not think he has tested. Each day is filled with the unending opportunity to test the limitations of my patience.

Over the years I have to say that the capacity of my patience has grown immensely. Yet, in a seconds time my loving adorable son can turn into a ravageous monster and in turn push my vast patience (or so I thought) to the limits of its breaking point.

Anyhow, I accept this challenge daily and by the moment. I continue to learn that I still have a lot of learning to do, and with this I am ok, at least for the moment.

This to me is a perfect example of life. We are constantly bombarded with the opportunity to grow. Through our daily exposure to life we have the endless experiences that lead to what it is what most need to learn in life.

So I guess for me, patience is an endless well of teachings. We can never be to patient, and this is important for us, and especially me to hear. When we can learn to let our patience continuely grow, we allow ourselves the chance to experience the most of what the moment has to offer us.

The more my patience spreads its loving wings, the more able I am to live in joy, or to enjoy what life is. Life is an eternal experience for us to create and feel what that creation has to give. As we offer our patience to life, life in turn gives to us the joy of experiencing all that IS! It is LOVE!

Monday, July 13, 2009


I just want to say Hello to anyone who is listening! I am new to this whole bloggin thing, but interested in exploring something new. I am happy to find a new space to share my creations in life, and I also enjoy seeing the beauty of what others have to offer.

Eventually I will upload some of my writings and thoughts of life and all of its wonderfulness and also craziness!

Talk to YOu all Soon,


Hello ONe and All,
I was inspired to write this one day while I was sitting by the seashore. I was taking in all the beauty that surrounded me and I was suddenly struck with the inspiration to write this poem. Enjoy
Much Love,


Ahhhh……the ocean breeze
Ohhhh……how it pleases
My soul….
It releases

Expanded in its…Being
Through the waves,
I am seeing
The seeing,
The seeing is believing

The grandiosity of it all
Speaks to me of tale
Oh so tall

Its calmness and ferocity
Speak to me in a perfect harmony

All parts of this wild beauty
Are truly, breathing through me

The Ocean today, gently laps at the absorbing shore,
And still I feel its intensity,
Its power is beyond words of this world

Its truly, the Beast cast within the Beauty

Its all so perfect,
As am I

I am perfect in my strength
And equally so,
Within submissiveness’

One day we are absorbing the beauty-
Of the Quiet Giant
And the next, we are
Ignited by its wild fury

And its all perfection
Perfection breathing its many blessings-
Upon us and through us………

Then I gaze to the sweet serenity of-
The Horizon
A place a magical magnitudes
Where two surging forces Converge

A convergence of Divine proportion
They appear so separate at first glance
Then I look again
And they seemingly combine
Blending into one Divine-
Vine of life

I have never noticed it quite this way before,
Until I chose to open my eyes
To light of this new day

It is as if the Oceans currents breathe there wet breath-
Into the sky
And the sky welcomes the breath
And it drinks it in, as if it where-
A fine, fine Wine

This is beyond Mind
And with this,
I am fine

I breathe in the Ocean
And I breathe in the Sky

I stop thinking for a Moment
I stop asking why

And within this Moment
I find-
I am Divine

By Jimmy Page