Monday, August 30, 2010

Beyond Words

Without this I might die. To die a slow lonely death with no expression is far worse living with a fear of death. I might say that death is unknown in some fashions to me. But to say life is unknown and to live it with love in my heart and fear melting away a bit more each day: this is living I say.

I can no longer go on sheltered by my comfort. I must move, and forward is what I choose. I push through barriers and barely feel them falling away. For I have accelerated life and found my new day. Each moment I must reinvent and discover who I am with each step in time. And I realize I can step in time, and I can step out of time. Its all where I ride the flux and which reality I choose to ride. I create within the Great Great Mystery of life. I live with Love pulsing in my veins and driving me to my highest expression.

I have been lost and found, and now I see through the clouds, and I am burning through the haze of these societal illusions. I make my way to the color that I am each day. I absorb the beauty I choose within each blessed breath, and I open up to more than I have ever imagined I am. But just as sudden I recognize my Self in it all.

The perfect harmony of it all. The chaos of order in which I swim through drives me wild, and steers me clear of my own insanity. I have brushed the edges of my life and faltered upon the line I walk. My days are few and many, depending upon in which moment I am asked. My heart is on the heal and each day it boundaries find away to be boundless. The expansion of my being is immense in this moment. I can never fully express the truth in these words. I must feel this truth radiating through me like a dragon's fierce breath coursing through, cleansing and purifying me with eternal truth.

I can only touch you with who I am. My worlds of words are mere nothingness if not with the beating of my heart pressing up against them, and radiating them with all my passion and love out in to the Universe. My strength is immense in the moment, for I am a generation of all that is. When I open this vessel, and purity finds its way, I am transformed into the all we are. This truth, being almost unfathomable, is the simplest, felt. It's the formlessness that makes way for any and all form.

What happens here is up to you. You and I being one, tell a tale a varying degrees, but as we all will see, in the end we discover the truth is: are beginnings are just on the other side of any ending. And as we circle through our existence we soon see the expression of the you's in me. It's all a grand mirror from which we dance through the experiences of our self remembering who we are in one another.

I am to explode into a infinite amount of experience, and lose my Self or my identity of this time around. It's wonderful and scary amazement in each and every intensely beautiful chaotic moment. Ride with me, and be the ride of your life. For you and I our the beat of the drum, and soon we will find that the skin of drum is only the surface of who we are. As we jump into the rhythm of that beat, time and space will fold into one, and life will once again be remembered as the unity it is created to be.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Blown Away

In the twirling of my mind
Oh how it can carry on

Only a second it will be
To snap and break away

I turn my head
I adjust my gaze

It hits me
The colors
Hidden between the haze

And in a moment
I am blown away

I discover the magical mystery
It was once hidden from my blind eye

I look around and it finds me
Oh how beautiful and simple it can be
A breath away and then I see
The intricate beauty that lies between,
hidden in the haze

And SNAP, I break away
One single look, and I-
I find my way
Uncovering the mysteries of this day

And for this I say-
With grace I say-
My blessings are endless,
Each and every day

With all the love I can send
I open up and I take it in

And thank you for these eyes
One single blink,
And all this I could compromise

But I say, here I am
And I will find a way-