Saturday, November 13, 2010

Come and See with Me

Just be
Web interweave
Fall into a Tree
Feel it breathe

Leave once again
Fall to the ground
Give yourself to the Earth
Embrace limits with no bounds

Laugh with It
Be amazed with It
Wonder how
Forget reasons why

Let go
Leaf to the ground
Feed Mother Earth
Rich Soil
Ready to give birth

Grow in the circles of life
Know Mystery’s flow
Through your veins it flows

Catch the current
Ride the tides
On and on
Eternal life

Be awaken to the intricacies-
Of each blessed moment

And Just

By Jimmy Page

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This Needs To Be Heard, NOW!

I am angry with the world I am livin’ in. I am often happy with my immediate surroundings; it’s the onslaught of the outer surroundings that seem to create a great disturbance within me.

I do not particularly look forward to pissing people off, but…………a big part of me wants to go out into this world and start shaking people vigorously until they begin to awaken to the ignorance they live and conspire within.

I am not enjoying the feelings of anger I am currently experiencing. I am pissed, PERIOD! What the fuck are so many of us thinking. Why does it have to be such competition based living? Life is not a competition to be won by you or I. So why do we constantly feel the need to outdo one another? Our culture breeds us to push to the top without any consultation of the heart.

Be the best, Fine. But be your best. The best for someone else should only compliment us in our lives, not concern or complicate us. What others strive for, need not be what we aim for. Team work is the key. But when teamwork pushes to eliminate its opponents, in my eyes it negates the overall purpose of what I see to be team.

In envisioning a team I see people nurturing and assisting the strengths of one another. With deep love and compassion a team works to create a group dynamic that stokes the flames of one divine unified fire.

So how would we bring this evolved team into the light of our present day? How do we recognize and live a consensual consensus?

This is where the anger often enters. It’s the frustration factor. It’s the not knowing quite how to birth and care for this new child that so needs to be born, and born now, to heal our broken world. The first steps, which we must determine, need to be taken now. This will be the solid foundation unto which a new vision will grow.

I have to; we must, start somewhere. So I am starting now! Chaos or not, I am living and I am awake, and this is reason enough for me to create positive change from the ground up. With all my HEART……….DO, DO, DO something, anything, but it must start here and now.

As I know; “The journey of thousand miles starts with the first step.”

My feet press into the fertile soil, and my imprint begins to be felt. I cannot walk lightly upon eggshells, no more! This voice needs to be heard. For me to close my mouth would be to strip the air of life from my lungs. I breathe now, and now I share. I care deeply for this unified life that we all live within. My silence can no longer live.

Please listen, is all I ask. Let your mind unwind the tall tale it has been living, and open it up to a new story. Let this new story breathe upon its own, with heart and soul creating a path to which our mind will gently tread upon. May we allow ourselves to remember the long forgotten essence from which we were born. With each step may we accept the grace of others to teach us the troubles and joys of our own lives. May we learn to be loving reflections for one another, that in turn free us from the constraints of some else’s priorities, created upon an unjust, uptight, and worn out world.

Each one of us need to give our sisters and brothers of life a chance, a God–given opportunity to live and breathe in their own unique and divine way.

If we allow ourselves compassion to live life in a way that creates music in our hearts, then we also can also accept and embrace the divine actions of all others.

We all live with our ups and downs. No day is more perfect than the next. Some days hurt, and others our pure ecstasy. Without black, white would be awfully lonely, and if the dark of night never had the opportunity to break for the light of the new day, the world would be one barren and depressing place. But just the same, many of my darkest days have shown me the arrows pointing to the first steps of embracing a more constant enlightenment.

I hold the light of enlightenment and feel its embrace. I let it slip from my grasp, yearning to feel its powerful connection once more. I slowly learn the ebb and flow of this unending parade we open to as life.

I ask you to embrace who you are, the all of you, not just the pretty parts, but the dark ugly you too. Take you all in, and sit with it. It’s ok to be you, the all of you. Know you can feel this, and heal this, dark parts and all, only if you choose to. Know that who you are, is in part, who we all are. We each hold within us, the uniqueness that makes us, us. All at once we embrace the reflection of the whole.

Open your eyes to the unfolding of you in everyone who surrounds and connects to you. You are as deep as an endless well. Together we remember the path of eternal penetration. This is the journey of who we are, on the deepest of deep levels of being. We are being pulled in to the center of life’s very beginnings. From here all things end and begin eternally. From here everything and nothing is all happening NOW!

And the Mystery Continues……

By ~Jimmy Page~

Monday, August 30, 2010

Beyond Words

Without this I might die. To die a slow lonely death with no expression is far worse living with a fear of death. I might say that death is unknown in some fashions to me. But to say life is unknown and to live it with love in my heart and fear melting away a bit more each day: this is living I say.

I can no longer go on sheltered by my comfort. I must move, and forward is what I choose. I push through barriers and barely feel them falling away. For I have accelerated life and found my new day. Each moment I must reinvent and discover who I am with each step in time. And I realize I can step in time, and I can step out of time. Its all where I ride the flux and which reality I choose to ride. I create within the Great Great Mystery of life. I live with Love pulsing in my veins and driving me to my highest expression.

I have been lost and found, and now I see through the clouds, and I am burning through the haze of these societal illusions. I make my way to the color that I am each day. I absorb the beauty I choose within each blessed breath, and I open up to more than I have ever imagined I am. But just as sudden I recognize my Self in it all.

The perfect harmony of it all. The chaos of order in which I swim through drives me wild, and steers me clear of my own insanity. I have brushed the edges of my life and faltered upon the line I walk. My days are few and many, depending upon in which moment I am asked. My heart is on the heal and each day it boundaries find away to be boundless. The expansion of my being is immense in this moment. I can never fully express the truth in these words. I must feel this truth radiating through me like a dragon's fierce breath coursing through, cleansing and purifying me with eternal truth.

I can only touch you with who I am. My worlds of words are mere nothingness if not with the beating of my heart pressing up against them, and radiating them with all my passion and love out in to the Universe. My strength is immense in the moment, for I am a generation of all that is. When I open this vessel, and purity finds its way, I am transformed into the all we are. This truth, being almost unfathomable, is the simplest, felt. It's the formlessness that makes way for any and all form.

What happens here is up to you. You and I being one, tell a tale a varying degrees, but as we all will see, in the end we discover the truth is: are beginnings are just on the other side of any ending. And as we circle through our existence we soon see the expression of the you's in me. It's all a grand mirror from which we dance through the experiences of our self remembering who we are in one another.

I am to explode into a infinite amount of experience, and lose my Self or my identity of this time around. It's wonderful and scary amazement in each and every intensely beautiful chaotic moment. Ride with me, and be the ride of your life. For you and I our the beat of the drum, and soon we will find that the skin of drum is only the surface of who we are. As we jump into the rhythm of that beat, time and space will fold into one, and life will once again be remembered as the unity it is created to be.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Blown Away

In the twirling of my mind
Oh how it can carry on

Only a second it will be
To snap and break away

I turn my head
I adjust my gaze

It hits me
The colors
Hidden between the haze

And in a moment
I am blown away

I discover the magical mystery
It was once hidden from my blind eye

I look around and it finds me
Oh how beautiful and simple it can be
A breath away and then I see
The intricate beauty that lies between,
hidden in the haze

And SNAP, I break away
One single look, and I-
I find my way
Uncovering the mysteries of this day

And for this I say-
With grace I say-
My blessings are endless,
Each and every day

With all the love I can send
I open up and I take it in

And thank you for these eyes
One single blink,
And all this I could compromise

But I say, here I am
And I will find a way-

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just me

I like solitude, and I enjoy company. When the time is right, each is of it's own delight. But when things get twisted I feel a tightness about me and my relaxing is not as efficient as it could be if I were in optimal alone or together zone.

Right now I would Enjoy my solitude, but since I also like the bed I lie in, I do so with company. It is ok. I will deal with this and do my best to be in a place that works for me.

I need to have some TLC on my body. Especially my lower back. Maybe a chiro, or a nice deep massage. I would like to do this but I seem to be getting in my way.

Anyhow, I am moving on, moving along.

Be well,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Wisdom of Fools

What's weird is I seem to be comfortable here. Whatever that means. I suppose it means I like where I am right now. I am in space created out of the goodness and rightness of my heart. Its a nice play to be.

I have many things to do, and here I am. I am here. And this is my choice to be here. And we live with our choices. Sometimes I think its wise to ponder our choices before acting upon them. I would like to follow this advice more often myself. I sometimes do, I sometimes don't. I guess in the ebb and flow of life we need to make the best of what ever choices we make. Even the shitty choices were made for a reason. It may not be a very good reason, but I think its important that we take a hard look at why we make the choices we do. Why?

I for one have made some fairly stupid choices along the way. But without working through some of the choices I have made in the past I would not be where I am today. I for this I am grateful. Because even though my life is not a shining gem, its has come along way from dull stone it once was. Still there is much work to be done, and so it goes.

It feels good to be back in the saddle again. When I write my world seems to unravel into this beautifully woven quilt that is still in the midst of its divine creation. And even though at times it looks more like a ball of twisted yarn, I know in my heart of hearts that there is a divinely wonderful creation unfolding before my very eyes.

So some days I choose to be wise, and other days, well let's say the wisdom seems to be playing a game a hide-n-seek with me. Where does this take me? Well it is true that we are a self created being that is built from our thoughts and dreams. What we think we become. Its a lot like, you are what you eat. This makes me a yummy apple pie a la mode some days and on others it makes me rotten eggs.

Thankfully I do not claim to be perfect. My perfectness lies within my connection to the whole, but that's a story for another day. So I roll with the punches. The waves of life are gifts that challenge us to learn to ride them higher and higher, and with more creativity and skill each day. The only place that I have been able to find this skill is through experience and practice. I would love to say the heavens one day dropped down a cloud of perfection upon me. But this with be a big cloud of B.S.

Throughout my life I have walked and sometimes stumbled through trials of living in my higher self. Once in awhile I am gifted with a glimpse of the divine connection that we all share. And more often I seem to walk myself into a fire, only to be burnt and then do what I can to heal myself. Yet it is within the healing that I have learned to be who I am. And this I am who I speak to is beyond words. And these words that cannot be expressed are the core truth of which I push for. So even trial by fire has its place in the scheme of things.

The moral of the story is we all learn in our own way, and within our own divine timing. It is all perfect, even if it often doesn't seem that way. In our darkest hours we only need remember that the light is still burning bright, and with courage we will find the way to walk into the light of a new day.

I say this to remind myself and whoever else might be listening, we our so much more than human. We our Beings and in this Being we are as expansive as our imaginations create us to be. SO be what you want to be. Be all that you can be. Burn through limitations. Rise above challenges. And break free from fears that are only but illusions built upon old emotions. Stop playing the same old record over and over again. Write a new life. Make it up as you go. Its your show, and no one knows what you need in your life more than you. So be. Be with love in your heart, joy in each step, harmony in you interactions with life, and gratitude for all your dreams come true. And they will!

-With a mountain of love-

Eyes of a Flickering Flame

Some days can be a long road.
The twists that life presents us,
The ups and self created downs,
Its all part of the journey.

How can I hang on to something,
Something that is only but an illusion.
Mind of turning and yearning thoughts,
A million and one cross my path.

If I am a spinning top-
How do I stop?
Something always comes along to slow the motion.
Why does gravity effect me?

Thoughts are like bullets trying to pierce my mind.
Do I let them tear my beautiful mind?
Or do I create a clear path,
Letting them go........

The truth lies within my heart.
The answer can only be heard-
Within the silence of my Self.
What did you say??

Within me a flame is hiding.
Or am I hiding from it?
When I find this light
I shall be able to see through the dark of my night.

And when the thoughts are nothing more than a breeze,
I begin to flow with my eternal evolving Self.
The breath of fresh air lifts me up.
The rhythms of my soul lead me on.

When I say the road is long,
It's only as long as the path I choose.
With eyes of discernment-
My way is lit by the light of my ever burning flame.

By ~Jimmy Page~

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Conscious Revolution

Is there anybody out there, or in here that can hear what I am saying. Just curious. I have and I am working, to share so much with the world. I feel this deep yearning to heal myself and the world. And so I am.

I have been trekking a path for some time now. Many ups and downs have come and gone. Right now is such an amazingly intense time to be alive. As we live and breathe, the world as we know it is in an immense shift. What we are experiencing is so BIG that its hard to even attempt to put it into words. But I'll give a go.

We are cleansing, globally, locally, collectively, and internally. Earthquakes, Volcanoes, flooding, terror, fear, rising stress levels, etc....: Upheaval. The World is like a big pressure cooker right now. The Earth is making way for a new day. In order to create a more harmonious world, we first must let go of what is no longer serving our highest goods.

And this is what we are experiencing. The inner turmoil that seems to be intensifying is merely the energy of life propelling us to take inventory of our lives, and let go of what no longer is serving us. This will enable us to make way for a new and more holistic lifestyle.

This process is referred to as mining. We dig within ourselves and pull up our deepest fears. Once we bring our issues to the surface we can then find the root cause that created the fear based beliefs. Once we find the root cause we can let go of that issue and make a new agreement that will better serve our highest good. This inner review allows us to find what works and what doesn't, and let go the old to make way for the new.

This is just a partial breath of what we are seeing and experiencing within our inner and outer worlds. The Unknown is opening its eternal arms and welcoming us into the conscious Kingdom of Heaven. Heaven on Earth!

It's a wonderful time to be alive and I am grateful to be breathing the breath of this new vision. Now is the time for our Conscious Revolution. With our united awareness we are walking into the hand of the Divine. Every cell of my Being is raising its vibration to its highest high. Enlightenment is rooting itself into to the core of The Earth, and with it we all are attaining enlightenment of our own accord.

Blessings to one and all. I send love out to Everyone and give thanks for the in- flowing joy that radiates within my Being.

Thank U for Being here!

Much Love,

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A little something that resembles our collective lives. When I wrote this some time ago I was speaking to myself. Now I think that this is for us all

A Perfect Mess

My crazy mind is wrapped within this neat little package.
Yet the seams are unraveling,
It’s falling apart.

There’s a knock at the door,
It seems to come from both sides.

And all at once I hear,
“Let me out!”
“Let me in!”

So I sit for a moment and enjoy,
A crazy parade of unending life,
A tale of mind blowing degree.

It swirls within,
And without,
It’s circling all about.

Then the neatness,
It turns inside out,
Finally revealing the chaos,
I’ve been dreaming about.

It’s a beautiful mess,
And I begin to see clear through it.

And now I confess,
To wandering around,
In my neat little mess.

By ~Jimmy Page~

Friday, March 12, 2010

A Rememberance

Love and the concept of. We toss around the word love, and sometimes I wonder if we truly realize the magnitude, yet utter simplicity of the word.
It frustrates me endlessly to be somehow eluded from the truest acceptance and feelings of this four letter word. Words are only words, it’s the feelings we put into a word that creates a wave of immeasurable energetic force.
What feelings have we infused into the word love, and what meanings have countless souls attempted to place on this monumental word? These questions have the capacity to be pondered for many moons. Even to scrape the surface of this quandary is to pull away the illusions of time.
Sitting here diving into the depths of my understandings, I begin to search, like a boy lost in the forest, yearning to reunite with his mother. Each tree that surrounds and seemingly reaches out to me contain the simplistic love that I try so hard to embrace, to accept, to be.
I ask myself over and over again, how can a force all encompassing as love, be so extremely hard to accept and deeply infuse into this being that I am. The knowledge contained on this subject is as vast as a canyon, and deep as the farthest reaches of the ocean. With all this knowledge, much which I have absorbed over my life times, and still, the simple deep seated feeling of love, continues to elude me.
The funny thing about all this/ is/ I do know love. It’s so simple, yet my silly little mind conjures up a giant bag of tricks, all the smoke and mirrors you can imagine, and with them they fog my lens and disturb the tranquil pool of understanding and acceptance that I know lies somewhere beneath the surface.
I have to constantly remind myself - love is all around me. It is this invisible force that infuses each and every cell of life.-
I suppose this is a big gripe in life for me. I ponder the difficulties of embracing such a simple yet unfathomable force of life. All the trials and tribulations of life, often pose such a threat/ to the remembrance/ of the soft breath of love/ which caresses each and every one of us/ with unending blessings.
Yet, when life bombards us with the daily upheavals of surviving, of keeping heads above water as we are tossed and tumbled in the collective calamities of everyday living, this is when we lose our connections.
I have to dig deep within myself to revive the beat of my heart, and remember the rhythms of love never die. It truly is, a wild ride, filled with intensity, mundanity, and everything in between.
But I do remember, and this is what’s most important. Love does exist, it lives and breathes within all of us. It envelops the entirety of existence and beyond. I find love in the littlest things; my son’s laugh as he entertains himself in a seemingly quiet corner. It’s the moment my child informs me that I am his best friend in the whole wide world. It lies within the snow, uplifted from the ground and dancing, sparkling in the morning rays of the glorious sun.
As I recall these memorable moments, the vibrancy of love, ignites my emotions, and stirs the tears of joy that lay on the edges of my eyes. And this, this is what blows my mind. How can such a beautiful beat of life be lost in the hum drum of ordinary everyday living?
I believe the solution is simple, ordinary needs to be transformed from its mundane existence, into the ever changing extraordinary. If we dare ourselves, we can, and will change the fog into the light of an exceptional new day.
Each and every moment has the opportunity to express to us, the force of love. The energy of the moment has endless possibilities. Our imaginations can guide us into an extraordinary life. With determination we can come to realize the undying love contained within each moment.
When I feel life bubbling with beauty, I breathe it in deep, and even though I must exhale, I know that within that breath I am absorbing the magic which is infused in each and every molecule of life. With this energetic boost I ignite the remembrance that love is as simple as a breath. The simplicity of love- is simply - the breath of life.
Nothing is separate from love. Love enraptures the entirety of the Universe. Its an endless web that intersects with each living thing and connects it all to the whole. We are all one.
As my breath rolls through me, I do my very best to know that the rhythm of my soul, is the rhythm of the Earth, and of the Universe. As you exhale the air from your lungs, I begin to inhale, and within this circle we become- unified- into one beautiful, living being.
Imagine the air as a strand of endless love. The trees emanate their love as the wind picks up and carries the sweet smell of the fruit bearing tree. In turn the strand moves forward and rolls into our nostrils, suddenly igniting our senses and connecting us with one of the many children of Earth. The strand continues on and you exhale, the air dances forth in a magical current that surges through all existence. The air rises higher and higher, and with it the moisture begins to fill the cloudy sky, it builds and builds, until suddenly it happens, RAIN. The strand extends itself further still. Blankets of wetness gently fall from the sky and moisten the surface of the Earth. And the circle continues on. A wondrous strand of life. And this, this is LOVE.
I can go on forever. Once I jump into the flow of life, it lifts me up and carries me on its wings, and welcomes me to the heaven that transforms everyday ordinary, into the miraculous extraordinary.
The force of love is surging through us all. All we need to do is open our eyes to something as simple as, a breath, and with it we realize that love is that which animates and connects us all.
Breathe deeply and remember, remember that love is life. Live your life as though you are walking an endless web. This web has unlimited potential and the directions you can take are none but your own. Each step you take is a new adventure, inviting you deeper into a magical place, where only you hold the key to how far you allow your imagination to expand.
The challenge of life and the acceptance of love within our lives can be likened to the endless wave. The rhythms of the ocean are in a constant flux. For us, the true magic lies within our awareness of all that is. We are all born surfers, children of the sea. And with this gift we are given the capacity to ride any wave in our path. The choice for us, is to catch this wave, and discover how high we are willing to fly. Once you tap into the power of the wave, the next gift is to recognize the beauty that runs through each and every droplet of water consisted within the one grand ocean.
When we open the door to the knowing of Love, suddenly we remember that contained within one drop of ocean, lays the beauty and vastness of the one endless ocean, connecting us all- LOVE.
Love to All in One,
~ Jimmy Page~

Thank you to all those who inspire me to remember.

Finding The Love You Never Lost

The beat of life is love. The love is within each of our hearts and eternally links us to each other. Each day that passes gives us the opportunity to experience this radiant love. The only way to truly experience love, is to embrace it in the moment. Love is not a commodity that we can gather and store for a rainy day. Love is the wind. Love is the sweet smell of flowers floating by on beautiful day. Love is all around us. Love is us. If we open ourselves to the moment, and fully embrace what life is offering us, we will realize that love is contained within every fiber of life. The key to finding love is knowing that we never lost it in the first place. Love beats strong in the heart of each and every soul. When we find a way to burn away the layers of open wounds and scars that surround the heart, we then find our inner gold that has always been with us.

Our love is a gift that we received the moment we were conceived. Throughout our lives as we grow and learn to live in society, we seem to forget that this gift of love was ever ours to embrace. We began to create the illusion that we are unworthy of love. Much of the world appears to believe that we must find someone to save us, someone to give us love. The word love seems to have lost its meaning somewhere within the translation of what it is.

Love has never left us, and truth be told, we need not seek love from outside of ourselves. When we can love who we are, we suddenly realize that love is all around us. Love is what makes life live and breathe. The animating force of life is love.
When we can remember what love is, we find that all the illusions along the way that prevented us from seeing who we are were simply that, illusions. Life has a way of distracting us from discovering our truest potentials. It is sometimes hard to find the time to find who we are and where the mystery of love can be found.

Can we remember how to retrieve the gift of Love? Yes! Yes! And Yes! GO within yourself and start to look beyond your everyday tasks of basic survival. Allow your self to breathe and relax. Go deeper and begin to peel away the layers that separate you from the love that lies deep within your heart. As you burn through the layers of separation, be kind with yourself. These things take time. When you give yourself the space and time to rediscover the love within, you will soon uncover what it is that holds you back from further experiencing love. Dig deeper and let the constraints that hold you back be released. Allow yourself to experience freedom. Love is a gift that has always been with you.

Embrace the presence of love within yourself, and with it you will know that love lives and breathes within and without. You are a blessed being of light and love, and your love continues on, eternally.

Much Love to You!
Jimmy Page

Thursday, March 11, 2010

In It

Oh I am livin in it right now....That being my shit.

I am always amazed how life can throw you up against the wall and through nobodies fault but my own a continual slapping in the face seems to be a relentless fight with my self.

This may make no sense at all, or maybe it makes perfect sense. No matter, this mentally hurts my brain. I am a very analytical person. Each moment is a microscopic view of the whole. I can pick apart the moment a million times. This is a blessing and a curse. Right now it seems to be a bit of a curse.

Without getting too personal, lets say I am going through some shit right now. I am from my point of view a pretty aware Being on many levels, so when I fall into a ditch and fling poo at space, it can be a bit frustrating. I see the bigger picture and along the way I ask myself why? Why am I not letting go of old shit? Why am I digging a hole that leads to a seeming nowhere land?

Really at this present moment I am not sure. I have a few theories, but all in all I think I am resorting back to a comfortable discomfort. Its like I am afraid to push forward so I dig back into the bag of shits past. And I will tell you this, Its doing me no good. I am only becoming more frustrated.

The past is a bag of shit in many ways. Sure it has its highlights, but to live in the past is in my eyes comparable to dying. This may seem harsh, but for me, true.
The way my life has been growing into the moment for the past 7 or so years has been amazing, so when I suddenly find myself up to my elbows in the shit of my past, I get a bit angry.

I need to shift my view. My energy needs to lighten up. This is easy for me to say, its the doing that I seem to have trouble with. I know how to get out of this spot, but for some strange reason I feel like I need to be here. And this makes no fucking sense to me. How could something that makes me miserable be of service to me.

Maybe I need to see this from a different angle. Could it be that at a certain point I get so deep in this crap that I shift so extremely that I will forever be changed, for the better I would like to think.

This is a hard, very hard place to be. I am by no means looking for sympathy. I am just doing my best to cope with where I am. And I guess this is how I need to do it right now.

I know somewhere deep in my heart that I will be OK. No it's not easy being here right now, but its OK. Somehow I will push through this and be stronger for it.

I guess the question now is how much deeper will I allow myself to go until I break through this heap of shit and discover more of who I am and all that I am to be.

Thanks for listening,


Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Presence: That Is All

A good friend of mine recently asked me to write something pertaining to the Presence of God. I was momentarily baffled at what would fill the empty pages before me. Then I remembered that the page itself already knew what would be written.

So I just let go of wondering what would be, and I began filling the page. Before I knew it, and without much thinking on my part, I had before me the words that needed to be said.

I found that when I just am, all that I need unfolds right in front of me.

And this is what came through....

Enjoy and Much Love!

The Presence I am

It’s all around you
It is in you
It is you

I look up to the stars
Light pushing through dark
I remember their origin-
It is that of my Heart

A fleeting glimpse was shown
The connection of all
In a second I knew-
Only one blood-
Truly runs through

In so many words-
Does a truth come through?
Words seem to lose there meaning-
When it comes to you

It’s not just one or two
All the stars shine
Shards of the Source-
This is true

What can you see?
What do you feel?
My Heart beats
My breath is deep
This is real

It’s all around me
It is in me
It is me

This light I can see
It came from within
My Heart is the Beacon
With my eyes
I am gifted beyond seeing

Without words
There is little to say
Go in the Heart-
And you will hear
All that no man can say

All that you are
Is what you are today
We move with the light
We move on our way

Our guide is the beat of our Heart
Together our drums sound
In unity we are not apart

It’s all right here
A presence you say…..
Like a reflection
My mirror in your eyes
Shining with life
A Divine surprise

Clear the lenses of you vision
Open you inner eye
And you will see
It is all me
My Presence forever
I am all that I can be
This is for you-
To see

Written by ~Jimmy Page~

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 8/ The Clouds Part and I Can See the Light ( or at least the yummy food on the table in front of me)

Day 8: a splendid day. I will get right to it. The vegetable soup, once I got the opportunity to sit down and eat it was, oh so awesome. I savored every bite. I shut the rest of the world off temporarily and absorbed every flavor and morsel of that tasty vegi soup. The warmth and texture alone were a dream come true. finally eat. I have such a new found respect for the nourishment that fuels our bodies. FOOD, in all it's many manifestations in such a blessing. There are endless creations to be experienced in the wild world of cooking and eating. I feel this overwhelming urge to dive into all the magnificent cook books in my house and unearth the amazing and tantalizing dishes that lay hidden within the endless pages of delight.

And so this is what I am doing. I have already found a handful of delectable looking entrees that not only look awesome, but also are pretty darn healthy too. There are so many different options out there to choose from. I no longer have to sacrifice taste to enjoy what I am eating. In these cookbooks lie the secrets to my good health and the joy of my taste buds. When you finally make it your mission to eat and be healthy, it's as if this whole new world opens up to you. I can finally learn to control my consumption and savor every bite by knowing what I am doing is benefiting the highest good of me and the highest good of all.

I am going to wrap up for tonight. But first I just want to say that I encourage you all to take a moment to think deeply about what you are putting into your mouth. Does it represent your best interests, and even a step further, does it hinder or help the whole of life? I know these are some deep questions, but at the same time I feel at this point in our lives it's so important to look at the bigger picture of life. To see the bigger picture we start by looking within ourselves and finding the truth that lies within. Once we uncover our personal truths, we can then find how our personal actions impact and integrate with the whole. It's all a big circle. When you respect yourself, you can then learn to respect everyone.

The healing starts with you and extends out into the world to heal others. We learn by example and we lead by example. Today, right at this very moment is our opportunity to change our lives in a positive direction. Our imaginations have no limits except that of our self. Expand past your limitations and create a brighter future for you and everyone that surrounds you.

Goodnight and Be Well.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 7 and I see a new horizon :)

Day 7: It seems as though my blog is lagging one day behind my present reality. I suppose these things are to be expected. Life sometimes doesn't give us a chance to do the things we mean to do. But just the same we accomplish what we need to in the moment.

Today, I mean yesterday(day 7) was an intense but amazing day. Life demanded a lot from me yesterday and I did my best to step up and deliver. With out going into all the details I will tell you that yesterdays waves were big and I dug in and rode to the best of my abilities. Looking back today I am happy how things played out and feel blessed to be in the presence of so many loving and caring beings. Namaste.

Being the first day off my Fast was a bit relieving, very rewarding, and still an anxiousness to eat. All in all I was OK with not eating for so long, but I was definitely looking forward to eating some delicious and healthy food. Even though I was done with the fast I still would not be eating any food on day 7. Day 7 I began to drink a mixture of OJ and water. This will help my digestive track to prepare for my first meal. The OJ is a pleasant welcome, but its not quite the welcomed substance of food, obviously.

The day was pretty smooth and I treated myself to a very small piece of a wheat cracker in the evening hours. It was delicious, and as small as it was, it still was very satisfying. Ahhhh.... the simple pleasures. As the day faded away I enjoyed the moment but also looked forward to Day 8: my first "real" meal.

In retrospect of this interesting journey I am still reeling at how much of our eating, or at least mine, has to do with the wanting of food, not necessarily the needing of food. Through out most of this Fast/cleanse the hardest part has been overcoming my old thought patterns. To dissolve the old patterns I have had to do my very best to be as present as possible and know that my body has what it needs to survive through this experience of Fastening.

It is amazing to realize it takes very little to keep our engines running. Our bodies are capable of living healthy with a lot less than most of us think. I think most of us get lost in our eating habits. Sometimes we bury the emotions and feelings we have trouble facing by submersing ourselves in food.

For me sweets have long been a filler for life's dullness, or at least the feeling of dullness. A temporary bliss is created when these tasty treats are consumed. The other issue that has long plagued me has been the uncontrollable consumption of food in general. If it tastes good, I used to have a hard time putting down. My new word is MODERATION.

This fast is helping me to open my eyes and awaken myself to the possibility of taking control of a run away train. Everything in moderation. I am from now on going to be eating very healthy. For me one of the hardest challenges is portion control. Even if the food I am eating is good for me, it doesn't mean it is healthy if I eat twice as much as I should. From here on in I will eat with total awareness. I am taking deep breathes between bites and relaxing. I am relaxing and realizing my body knows when to stop eating and all I need to do is listen to the signs my body is sending me.

The weight of my body at this time in my life is not of a huge concern to me. The main reason I am re framing my eating habits is to create a healthy respect for what I am putting into my body and knowing it takes a lot less than I once thought to fill my vessel to its optimum capacity. I have also learned that when I consume certain foods in unhealthy proportions my body has to not only work harder than necessary, but it also tends to crash after overindulgence. These extreme highs and lows create an instability within the body resulting in extreme emotions along with a list of many other unpleasant bodily reactions. This extra work on the body creates fatigue and leaves you usually craving more of the drug that led to all this in the first place.

All this is reason enough for me to change my lifestyle and welcome a new vision of the most healthiest me that can be.

It will be fun and interesting to see how day 8 will be with the welcome of my first meal: yummy homemade vegetable soup, compliments of my wife. Thanks Babe

Be Well!

See You soon,

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Awakening to a New Day and a New a Way of life: Healthy and Happy

Day 6: The final day of my fast/cleanse. Day six was going wonderful until the evening hours. I was buzzing along and suddenly I caught a whiff of one of the most delectable dishes I know of. This dish is so good. I wish this thing had smell-a-vision. Its a simple dish of udon noodles topped with an array of healthy delicious vegis and finished off with the show stopper, peanut sauce. For one reason or another this dish blows my mind and sends my senses into overdrive.

In result of this explosion of aromatic heaven I instantly became irritated. To no ones fault but my own I turned instantly grumpy. I definitely had a moment, or two. I later apologized to my wife for my insta-attitude. It's funny how our senses can rule us at times. I knew that I was only going to be not eating for one more day, and still the thought of smelling something so good and not being able to put in my mouth was killing me.

After a brief freaking out period I took some deep soothing breathes and realized everything would be OK. I know we all have our moments, but in the past few years I have learned to manage myself and stay somewhat balanced in the ups and downs of life, so it came as a quite a shock that such a small thing could so quickly blow my top. In retrospect I am glad I was able to diffuse myself before blowing to pieces.

I am still happy I chose to and stuck with this fast. It has been a very eye opening experience, and it has helped me to break ground for a life filled with more awareness. My awareness in mind, body, and spirit has opened itself to a new level. I have discovered some of my hidden weaknesses and strengths, and with it I now have the first steps to further my healing on many levels.

Now what? Move forward and roll with the ever churning waves of life.

Today(day 7) has been exactly one week since I began the journey into fastening. Even though today is the day I break fast, I still won't be eating for almost one more whole day. It is important to let the body prepare for the food that it is soon to receive. Today I am mixing OJ with water to prepare my digestive track for solid foods.

That's all for now. I have much more to say, but now is not the time. Life is good and right now I am enjoying it. I am glad to be alive and thriving. Right now I am going to be with my family. Gratitude and grace surrounds and fills my soul, endless blessings of life rain upon me. Thank you!!!!!!!

Talk to you soon.

Much Love,

Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 5 / Discovering the root cause of my continual craving

Day 5 was rather uneventful for me. Yes, I was hungry and no, I did not eat. It happened to be one of the easiest days so far, why, I do not know. I would tell you that maybe it is because I am becoming accustom to this whole fast thing, but since I am writing about day 5 on day 6, I can tell you I am not becoming accustom to this whole fast thing. More on this later in Day 6.

What I did figure out is why I feel the way I do. You at first, or at least I thought it would get easier as the days went by. No such luck. What I found out was that my body, or better yet, the mind of my body (not to be confused with my brain) is freaking out and going into what you could call starvation mode. It thinks it's not going to getting anymore food, and I suppose for good reason, is going into shock. For my whole life I have been feeding this body day in and day out. Suddenly I am denying the body food and it is not happy with me.

Our bodies have an intelligence of their own and when we throw a major kink in the works (hence the fast) the body will do everything it can to get me to eat. This is the precise reason why my cravings have at times and continue to be so intense. When the mind is occupied with, well let's say writing this blog, the need or want to eat falls into the background. It still remains, yet it becomes manageable to deal with. To put it simple its mind over matter.

I have realized in the past six days how psychological the consumption of food can be. I now know I can survive without food for a determined duration and still be OK. I am not saying I would try to go a month without food, all that I am purveying is that the human body will sustain in periods of not eating. As long as your body receives the precious commodity of H2O it will continue to thrive for quite some time.

With this being said, our diet can sometimes be likened to a mind game with our self. We think we need this or that, when in reality what the body needs and what we think it needs can often be two completely different stories. My brain can really screw with me sometimes. In the past the urge to satisfy my sweet tooth has been paramount at times. Yet, I now realize its all in my head. All that I need to do to move past these cravings is to one; shift my energy and attention to something other than sweets,and two; find some kind of food that will fulfill my craving yet still be healthy. I have discovered many alternatives to the pure sugar infested dessert. Now all that I have to do is focus on dedicating myself to choosing the alternative and being healthy for it.

Food can easily overwhelm our senses and fog our discernment of what is actually best for our bodies. With dedication and determination the vision of a healthy lifestyle and a healthier you can easily become the new reality within my life and possibly yours too.

As hard as this has been and continues to be for me, I am glad I have taken the courage to make a conscious change in my life.

Thanks for listening,

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Day 4 and I am Alive. A bit hungry. But its all Good.

Day 4: Oh how the days they go. It feels like its been about a thousand days or so without food. Not really, but somewhat. As I write this my Wife is cooking herself something that I am sure is to be yummy. It's OK, no really it is.

I went into this knowing it would be challenging, and it has been. Not every moment is filled with the yearning for food, but at times the cravings are so intense that I let out a scream of frustration. I know at anytime I can stop the Fast and eat again. The thing is that there is part of me that knows I can do this and that I am to benefit from it in the long run.

I knew before going into this that I was one a food's biggest fans and that it would be an interesting journey to see if I could actually do this. Well, the good news is, yes I can do this. When I choose to apply myself to something I have the will to follow through. Now I need to apply this iron will to all aspects of my life. I have so many awesome ideas and so few get to see the light of day. This sometimes makes me sad. For one reason or another I seem to get in the way of myself and somehow manage to derail many of my wonderful ideas.

That being said, it feels good to stick with something that is no walk in the park so to speak. I am sticking with this till the end date I have set for myself. At times it feels like an impossible feat, but I know in my heart I have what it takes to do this.

I have chosen to Fast/Cleanse for a plethora of reasons. Everyone I talk about this to has one question that stands above all the rest, and that is, "Why?" To them I have this to say: "Because I want to!"(Hehehe) No really, its first and foremost to break down an old system of mindlessly consuming food and to create a new framework that encompasses a healthy respect for the source of my nourishment. It's eating with a regard to all those that help to bring my meal to the table, and a knowing of the origins of my food, and how it came to be before me. I could go on, but this is few of the reasons off the top of my head why I chose to embark on this journey.

I am cleansing my body so that when I do begin to eat again I will have a fresh slate to build upon. My new and improved awareness will encourage a more healthy and happy me. I have been eating fairly healthy for a handful of years. It is now that I am choosing to take it to the next level so that I can fine tune this vehicle that houses my spirit. Our bodies are truly temples, and what we put into them defines who are. I am choosing to integrate foods that are as close to the Earth as humanly possible.

I am working to incorporate a new diet that is a more a way of life than a so called diet. So many of us refer to a diet as a temporary fix to reduce weight or increase vigor. While this is fine it misses the point of a diet. A diet is a way of life. It's not a fad that you practice for a week or a month. The diet I am embarking on is foundation that I will continuously build upon to create and maintain the healthiest me that can possibly be. Don't misunderstand me, I will still indulge in the occasional mouth watering sweet tooth pleasin food, but it to be a special occasion, and I will enjoy with all my heart and then move on and continue my diet that promotes my optimal performance. Be it spiritual, physical, or mental, I will hone this vessel and be all that I can be.

The old adage, "You are what you eat" has never spoken louder to me than right now. I am setting in motion the first steps to a diet that works for me in unison with the whole. I respect all life, and therefore I am choosing to be fully conscious of what I allow to enter my body. I know in my heart that it's OK to eat chicken, or any animal for that matter, as long as there is a healthy respect for your food there will be a benefit for the whole. An animal gives its life to nourish us, and we in turn our to be grateful for that life force we have been given. When we learn to respect all aspects of life we honor not only ourselves, but the life that sustains us. To me there is no difference if the food you choose is animal or a vegetable. In my book it is all life, and with our choices, no matter what they may be, we are to be grateful for the nourishment of that force we have received.

And that is why I am doing this. It's important to me. It's like resetting my internal engine to a neutral point, and from here I am able to break new ground. I am taking it a step at a time and doing my very best to be my best.

Thanks for listening.

Be Well, Always,

Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 2 / Day 3, and the beat of my empty belly goes on...

Here we are....

Its day 3 and The fast/cleanse continues in full swing. Fits of hunger have come and gone, and right now I am in this deep.

Day 1 was fairly smooth, besides the visit to the grocery store, all went as planned. At the grocery store everything that I would have liked to eat was screaming out my name, "Jimmy please take me home with you and eat me." That sounds a little funny, but oh well. I got out of there unscathed and feeling a bit stronger for it.

Watching the family eat dinner was a little tougher. The smell alone was killing me. It's like every smell was intensified ten fold. So I went into the bedroom and meditated. My mantra was, "I can do this." Then the door opened and my 4 years young son informed me that it was dinnertime and I should be eating. I gently explained that Dad would not be eating for awhile. This alone baffled my son. I went on to tell him that I was fine tuning my body, mind, and spirit and that part of doing that right now involved not eating. I think he may have heard the first few words and after that I am pretty sure I was faded out. Too much info Dad. Note taken.

Then soon after bedtime followed and I rejoiced in my first no food day. Wow!!!!!

On to Day 2; Woke up and I was ok until the sweet smell of waffles, pure maple syrup, and eggs filled the room and made my stomach just about reach out of my mouth and grab a plate full of tasty, yummy food, OMG!

They say, whoever they may be, that Day 2 and 3 are the hardest. This is when you hit the wall of hunger and question what the hell it is you are doing. Well at noon I was cruisin along, doing alright. Then I realized that it would be necessary to go to Whole foods grocery store in order to purchase the needed supplies to make my special drink. Oh Boy.... If you have never been to Whole foods, all I have to say is that it's the best, most amazing food store in the whole wide world, no joke. So needless to say this would be no easy task.

As I entered the store about five people where exiting with their hot lunch from the buffet. The smells alone floored me, not to mention the look of, "This is going to be so darn good" in their eyes. Anyways, I was on a mission. I took a b-line for the lemons and completely avoided at all cost the "Killer Buffet" and bakery area. I got the stuff and got out. It wasn't so bad.

At this point I am feeling pretty good about myself. I had overcome some major challenges and now I was on my way. On my way to what I was not sure.

The rest of the day went fairly smooth. I made my drinks, drank my drinks, and repeated. Dinner came once again and I once again retreated to the safety of my non food smelling room. Later I went to a class called "Intuition night" which helped to take my mind off all things concerning food. The evening went great and I came home had my smooth move tea, and went to bed.

I woke to Day 3: In my sleep I had vivid dreams of eating yummy cheese slices. I guess my body wants some cheese. I had to be the bearer of bad news and inform my body that it would have to be patient for a few more days before consuming any yummy cheese. My body was sad, but it understood this was important to me and gave me it's temporary approval, emphasis on the temporary.

What was really funny was that in the dream I got upset because I remembered I was fasting and that I had ruined it by eating the cheese. I was relieved to wake up and realize that I did not eat any cheese.

As the day moves on I am feeling the true signs of hunger. My belly is talking, and it is asking me what the heck am I doing. I calmly respond and say that I am cleansing the system and working to attune to higher vibrations. The stomach doesn't understand and rumbles on about the crazy head on my shoulders.

Right now it is 2pm and I have just completed my forth glass of the special drink. I am doing alright. My energy is still kickin along. I have had a few bouts of tiredness, but I am working through them. The special drink helps to boost my metabolism and keep me kickin.

That's all for now. I will go into further details of the whys of this whole fast/cleanse on my next entry. Until them, be well and keep on keepin on.

Much Love,

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beginning my Journey on a Fast

Good Morning everyone.

Today is the first official day of my fast. I plan to fast for as long as I can, or 7 days, which ever happens to come first. I am amazed that I am actually doing this. I have thought about doing a fast for many years, but for one reason or another it did not happen till right now. I have many reasons why I have chosen to fast. I will share just a few with you now, and later I will go into the nitty gritty of why I am doing this.

To start off, I think I might be addicted to food, sweets in particular. My sweet tooth is like a empty canyon awaiting a monster load of decadent desserts to be dumped into it. I like foods of all kinds. If it tastes good, my taste buds are an excited and welcoming door to my belly.

That being said, I think a fast will help me to break this sugar linked chain of mine.

I am a fairly healthy being upon this planet Earth and I wish to be even healthier. For me this fast/cleanse is not about losing weight, its about breaking down old habits and creating a new high vibrational me.

I am going to do my best with this. This for me is the Ultimate Challenge. To give a quick overview of my goals with this fast; I would say that I am fasting to remember how fortunate I am to walk this Earth with so many blessings, and at this point in my life I feel it is of the utmost importance to tune this vessel in which my Spirit rides. Mind, Body, and, Soul, I cleanse myself and raise my vibration to be the best I can be.

Ok, so here we go. I am now off to the grocery store to get a few necessities for the fast, such as lemons and smooth move tea(I will go into more detail later...) and also a few things for the family. This should be interesting. It is only mid morning and I have already worked my way through one fit of growling stomach_itis. I am alright for this moment. I think its going to be a moment by moment kind of experience, such as life should be.

Wish me well if you wish to. I will do my best to keep you updated on this very interesting journey that I have chosen to embark upon.

Be well,

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A little about my company

Enlightened Electric; Integrating Electricity with Spirituality

For many people there is no bridge between spirituality and the work place. In the creation of Enlightened Electric, owner Jimmy Page decided it was time to bring them together.

With years of experience in the both the electrical field and a dedicated spiritual practice, Jimmy has developed a new approach to his career. At Enlightened Electric you receive quality service with a new twist: energetic electrical healings.

Each installation incorporates an energy healing that radiates throughout the electrical circuits of your home. Just as a healer opens themselves up to allow healing energy to flow into their clients, Jimmy has discovered a way to tap into this energy. With intention he radiates a loving, healing energy into your home. Each time you flip a switch or plug something in, the healing energy flows into your habitat.

Enlightened Electric offers a wide variety of residential and commercial services to meet your needs. With a focus on creating efficient and effective surroundings, Jimmy is dedicated to helping people save money by finding green solutions to reduce electrical bills and carbon imprints.

By creating sustainable surroundings today, we light the way to a brighter and more harmonious tomorrow. Enlightened Electric looks forward to creating a new vision with you!

You can reach Jimmy @ 860-933-9467
Serving Tolland County and beyond.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pushing through

Well, I just want to say hello to U. Hello!

Life for me in this very moment is.........

Let me think about this for a second.

The words are not exactly pouring forth like I would like them to. I know I have something to say, just not sure what.

I am working to be working. This may not make much sense to you, so let me shed a little light on the situation.

I am self employed, which can be quite a wonderful experience. I answer to me and though it may sound great, can sometimes be tough. I am a very analitical person. I love to mull things over once too many times. I am the kind of person who double triple checks to get things just so. Some people call me anal. I like to think of myself as thorough. Call it what you will, but I can sometimes be my own worst critic. On the other hand, I also know how to float my own boat. It gives me great satisifaction to take a step back from a completed project and bask in the glory of a beautifully created masterpiece.

In short, there are many pieces that make up my pie. That being said and getting back to what I was talking about. Times are a bit slow right now as many of you may already know. This in turn leaves me a bit slow. SO I am trying to figure out how to make this work. I need to roll with the tides. I know it takes time to establish a business. Therefore, I am working on positiveness and patience. Things will happen, and it will be great.

So here we are. With nothing to say, I continue.....

I am going to continue to ride the waves and make the best of the time I have. I am using this time to reflect and unearth ways that will bring prosperity into my life. And by prosperity I am refering to an abundance of love, joy, and I suppose a little money would be nice too.

With that being said, I know that many of us our going through similiar trials and tribulations. If we stay positive and keep pushing forward we will find our prosperity. It will be beautiful.

Keep on Keepin' on!


Today is a new day, TO SHINE!

And today I have this to offer.....

Please copy and paste this if you Wish.

Much Love,

Monday, January 4, 2010

The beginning of something wonderful

This is the first article I am posting in this new and amazing year of 2010. I look forward to sharing many of my thoughts and intuitions with you all. Enjoy your self and all the wondrous experiences that will be bestowed upon you.

Copy and Past this to get to Link:

Much Love,

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Journey of a Lifetime :)

Life is expanding, and with I flow. As the lazy ups and downs of the holidays fall away i am remembering what my goals and aspirations in life are. Now is the time I am pushing myself forward and pushing boundries. I know within me many mysteries lay dormant. These dormant forces are awaiting exposure. My desire is to uncover and bring to light the many mysteries of life. I am to swim within them. With passion I drive myself into new and amazing frontiers.

If you wish, come take a ride of wild ups and downs with me. It will be an intense journey for sure. Life is. ANd with it I ride the tides and surf the waves.

Together lets experience the many joys and mysteries life has to offer us.

It will be a journey of a lifetime!!!!!!!!!!

Much Love,