Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Wisdom of Fools

What's weird is I seem to be comfortable here. Whatever that means. I suppose it means I like where I am right now. I am in space created out of the goodness and rightness of my heart. Its a nice play to be.

I have many things to do, and here I am. I am here. And this is my choice to be here. And we live with our choices. Sometimes I think its wise to ponder our choices before acting upon them. I would like to follow this advice more often myself. I sometimes do, I sometimes don't. I guess in the ebb and flow of life we need to make the best of what ever choices we make. Even the shitty choices were made for a reason. It may not be a very good reason, but I think its important that we take a hard look at why we make the choices we do. Why?

I for one have made some fairly stupid choices along the way. But without working through some of the choices I have made in the past I would not be where I am today. I for this I am grateful. Because even though my life is not a shining gem, its has come along way from dull stone it once was. Still there is much work to be done, and so it goes.

It feels good to be back in the saddle again. When I write my world seems to unravel into this beautifully woven quilt that is still in the midst of its divine creation. And even though at times it looks more like a ball of twisted yarn, I know in my heart of hearts that there is a divinely wonderful creation unfolding before my very eyes.

So some days I choose to be wise, and other days, well let's say the wisdom seems to be playing a game a hide-n-seek with me. Where does this take me? Well it is true that we are a self created being that is built from our thoughts and dreams. What we think we become. Its a lot like, you are what you eat. This makes me a yummy apple pie a la mode some days and on others it makes me rotten eggs.

Thankfully I do not claim to be perfect. My perfectness lies within my connection to the whole, but that's a story for another day. So I roll with the punches. The waves of life are gifts that challenge us to learn to ride them higher and higher, and with more creativity and skill each day. The only place that I have been able to find this skill is through experience and practice. I would love to say the heavens one day dropped down a cloud of perfection upon me. But this with be a big cloud of B.S.

Throughout my life I have walked and sometimes stumbled through trials of living in my higher self. Once in awhile I am gifted with a glimpse of the divine connection that we all share. And more often I seem to walk myself into a fire, only to be burnt and then do what I can to heal myself. Yet it is within the healing that I have learned to be who I am. And this I am who I speak to is beyond words. And these words that cannot be expressed are the core truth of which I push for. So even trial by fire has its place in the scheme of things.

The moral of the story is we all learn in our own way, and within our own divine timing. It is all perfect, even if it often doesn't seem that way. In our darkest hours we only need remember that the light is still burning bright, and with courage we will find the way to walk into the light of a new day.

I say this to remind myself and whoever else might be listening, we our so much more than human. We our Beings and in this Being we are as expansive as our imaginations create us to be. SO be what you want to be. Be all that you can be. Burn through limitations. Rise above challenges. And break free from fears that are only but illusions built upon old emotions. Stop playing the same old record over and over again. Write a new life. Make it up as you go. Its your show, and no one knows what you need in your life more than you. So be. Be with love in your heart, joy in each step, harmony in you interactions with life, and gratitude for all your dreams come true. And they will!

-With a mountain of love-

Eyes of a Flickering Flame

Some days can be a long road.
The twists that life presents us,
The ups and self created downs,
Its all part of the journey.

How can I hang on to something,
Something that is only but an illusion.
Mind of turning and yearning thoughts,
A million and one cross my path.

If I am a spinning top-
How do I stop?
Something always comes along to slow the motion.
Why does gravity effect me?

Thoughts are like bullets trying to pierce my mind.
Do I let them tear my beautiful mind?
Or do I create a clear path,
Letting them go........

The truth lies within my heart.
The answer can only be heard-
Within the silence of my Self.
What did you say??

Within me a flame is hiding.
Or am I hiding from it?
When I find this light
I shall be able to see through the dark of my night.

And when the thoughts are nothing more than a breeze,
I begin to flow with my eternal evolving Self.
The breath of fresh air lifts me up.
The rhythms of my soul lead me on.

When I say the road is long,
It's only as long as the path I choose.
With eyes of discernment-
My way is lit by the light of my ever burning flame.

By ~Jimmy Page~