Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Dream of Jimmy

The world is wrapped around me.
Everything is suspended about me, like leaves floating on a tree.
This is a dream. Jimmy is the dream I am dreaming.
This dream used to be wrapped so tightly around me.
Now I sit, better still, I float, suspended within this animated illusion.

It's kind of like clear confusion. To see the play with open eyes. Unfolding like a rose in bloom, almost slowly exploding.

And it would be easy to continue to be caught up in the web of this vantage point I see.
It's as if the book has come alive, but now you know you are the characters within the pages of this story.
And if you intentions are careful and true, you can weave in a conscious twist to the story you call you.

Imagine, instead of being swept along for the ride, now you embrace the tides, learning to ride the waves of your story. You create new ideas fueled by your imagination. You find ways to be in the story while being the creator of the story.
At times you lose yourself, immersed within the grandiosity of the tale. Its all beautiful and perfect.

You find yourself up and down. Feelings surge through you, but now you remember your role in the story. You awaken to the role of director in your play.
You create new awareness to see a bigger picture. You allow your self to be in the experience, but not be swallowed by it. You realize your power is not limited to an actor with predetermined roles. You now know you can shift and create within the moment. No outcomes are set in stone. No story is permanent. You can change what you please midstream. You can be about to explode in an angry rage and just as suddenly you take a deep breathe and shift to be thankful for the story of your life.

The many blessings that fill your every moment are constant reminders to let you know that this life is an ever unfolding gift. Each breathe is a new opportunity to experience life in new and amazing ways.

And this is the play I am. I am here. I am part of the actions and interactions of all life. I am a pea in the pod of life. I am doing what I can to be all that I am. Some days I'm an actor immersed in character. I embrace the moment and let it swallow me whole. Other days I am so fully awake that I know complete the play I participate within. I know it so well I twist it into something that I didn't see possible a moment before.

I begin to see the story of Jimmy loud and clear. I embrace the characters in my life with love and compassion. I see the players as gifts to assist and enrich me. Each soul that touches me has something to teach me, and I them.

It's all so amazing.

Really, its far beyond the words of human apprehension. And its all OK. I see a bigger picture. It unfolds a bit more each day.

Life is what we make of it. We are not victims of circumstance. We find our selves exactly where we need to be to heal the fragments of our soul, in order to be whole. This is an experience in learning, in playing, in creating. Each moment we create our realities. Every action we set in motion has a rippling effect that reaches much farther then we may imagine. Your actions, my actions, touch everyone in some way. When we put negativity out into the world, we soon feel it lapping on the shores of our own realities. When you treat others with ill will, you will soon discover that this is a favor that will most certainly return to you. When you share your love and compassion with others, you will receive this gift as the circle of your actions returns to you. Like energies attract. This is a cosmic truth. The proof is in the pudding. Look around. What surrounds you? Is love greeting you when you open the door to life, or is an angry face staring you down reflecting the actions you have taken in life.

Truthfully, I have been blessed to look in the mirror and see both the angry face as well as a smiling joyful face. Its a hard journey at times. The blessing is revealed in the awareness that we all, at one time or another have worn both faces. It is through the knowing of both polarities that we can begin to transcend black and white, and find a place of neutrality. Its ok to be angry, just as it's fine to be happy. The moments of your life bring the richness of who you are. The important part is to not be swallowed within the sea of our emotions. Feel the moment, but before exploding into action, take a breath, see what is appropriate. Why is it you feel the way you do? Whenever strong emotions rise up within us there is almost always an underlying current. Usually this is the result of a past trauma, or an intense experience. Many times we re-live the same experience over and over again. We may mask it in different surroundings. The people may be different, the color of the room may have changed, but the core experience remains the same. Until we find the courage to pull back the blinders of fear and reveal the true reasons behind are inappropriate actions, we will never break the circle of our repetitive emotional outbursts.

When we discover the origins our core issues we can then learn to understand the place we are today. From here we have the opportunity to forgive our selves and anyone else involved in the experience that limits our expansion of the truest self.

That was deep.

I just needed to get that out. Take it for what you will. We all hear exactly what we need to. I love you and I love me. I am encouraging myself to embrace this ever expanding masterpiece of life. In this journey I welcome you to take a ride with me. We are all on this cosmic roller coaster anyways, why not join in and have a little fun. There is so much to uncover. So many things to experience. Unlimited creations are possible. And this is my invitation to you; Lets ride this wild experience together. We can embrace the tides as we go. We can create our stories with the richness of one another.

Here's to creating our story. Day by day, moment by moment we create and experience the play of our lives. Let's play!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Conscious (R)Evolution

We are on the stairs of our own conscious revolution. Now is the time to step up to the plate and swing. Swing with all you have to give. We are ascending to higher vibrations with or without our conscious effort.

The trick to the ease of transition is within your efforts to be conscious of what is happening. We are all being propelled into higher states of awareness on all levels. Within ourselves, and within the world around us, we are now undergoing monumental transitions. Can you feel the shift occurring within you? Are you going to be a conscious participant of evolution? Or will you be tossed along the rocks by the currents of change?

The choice is yours. We as individuals have the power to embrace change and step up to the plate of life, aiming for heights far beyond the realms of our conditioned minds. If we choose to be conscious of this shift, we automatically open our collective eyes up to what is taking place, and to what are part in this can and will be.

Conscious revolution is now. We are now gaining momentum into a new dimension of living. No longer will the worn out ways of the past be acceptable. The world is in dire need of reconstruction. As you read this, you know that the world in which we have grown into is falling apart on many fronts. Countries as well as individuals are at war for the rights to an external power that is only causing ongoing pain and suffering amongst incalculable numbers of people. The fight to be right is killing and destroying the world.

How can we go on believing that we are the only ones who hold the power to be right. In the eyes of a higher being, the term "right" is merely a perspective in which one holds upon their own. A larger view of life reveals that there truly is no right and wrong. In a grander scheme of things, it is doing and saying what is best for the self, and for the whole, that will result in unified harmony.

What can you do to be apart of a conscious revolution? It's all within the choices you make each and every moment of your life. Will you decide to be the best you can be? It does not need to be complicated. Keep it simple. Little changes in your life can positively affect all life. Each action that you make, creates a ripple that flows out into the universe and causes a reaction that is akin to the initial action. Always remember each action you create radiates far beyond the reaches of your physical body.

Simple measures such as The 3 R's (recycle, reuse, reduce) create a cleaner, greener, and much more beautiful world to live in. This one choice can echo out into the world and have such positive effects that touch the whole of life.

It is deep within ourselves that we find the courage and inspiration to be a part of positive change. By making decisions to improve our self, we set into motion the initiatives that will improve our outer surroundings. When we find it in our hearts to treat our self with reverence, we soon discover that with self reverence there is no way not to be reverent of all life. Your fellow humans, all of the animal kingdom, and each and every fiber of nature have a place in your heart to be reverent and grateful for.

All life is connected, and this is what we are now consciously realizing on many levels of our being. Being only human is no longer an option. We are far more expansive than our human bodies can give us credit for. We are all part of the web of life, and now we must become aware of the bigger picture in which we live and breathe each moment of our blessed lives.

Life is a gift, and each day we are presented with the choices that make us who we are. Who are you? Are you a conscious evolver partaking in the experience of a lifetime? Or are you a human being that believes choice is out of your hands? Either way you are making a decision to be who you are. Now is your opportunity to be part of this conscious revolution. Evolution will revolve into itself with or with out our conscious efforts.

As a conscious being you choose to ride the waves of change with grace and reverence. The alternative can be rather painful. Do you choose to be scraped along the reef, or divinely ride the tides of life?

Eternal Love and Blessing to One and All,
~Jimmy Page~