Sunday, March 29, 2020

Exposed Creation: Rise Up Into U!  
Edition 1
Authentic Relationships….It begins with you

Welcome to the first edition of Exposed Creation!
This is a space to bring forth possibilities unknown as of yet, a jumping point to explore new ideas and ways of being. It is a platform where I am bringing to the world; a flare of heightened awareness, openness, vulnerability, and honesty. A place to share creation in all its wondrous and limitless possibilities. It is a space of encouragement. A place to expose creation!
I will bring to the table my spirit of being fully alive. Opening a door to welcome you to step into a space of creative bliss, one where you can be free to express yourself in new and exciting ways.  These are the possibilities leading us into uncharted territories, and opening to experience life in a whole new way.
It’s time to take yesterdays glasses off, today, NOW! J
We live with so many lenses coloring our view of life.  We don’t even realize how jaded our views are. Yesterday’s experiences are often that of the day before, and most likely the week, month, and years before too.  We have been molded into creatures of habit.  It’s like were living in groundhogs day, repeating the same life on a daily basis.  Unbeknownst to us, we are severely limiting our experience in life.  We have been inhibiting the potential to live life from the perspective that allows each and every day to be a new and exciting experience, with potential, limitless.
What if we took off our rose colored glasses?  Would we see life in a new light? With possibilities opening up for us?  Through our lives we compile a log of experiences.  Each of these experiences impact us in some way, shape, or form.  Much of the impacts are barely noticeable, while others have such and impact upon us that we become deeply imprinted by those experiences, and end up living our lives in completely different ways because of those impactful incidents.
And you say… “rightfully so, how could they not??!!?”  Here is where you are confronted with an opportunity, a choice. You can begin to become aware of the cycles in your life, and start to look and see where you are creating repetition in your life.  Once you’re able to determine where you are stuck on repeat, you have an opportunity to make a break in regularly scheduled programming.  Break the chain, the chain that has continuously bound you to living life in the shadow of your past experiences.  You do this with your awareness. Once you see the light of your ways, then you’re able  to create a choice, the choice to take a different road, a path you have yet to travel upon.  On this path is where creation is birthed.  In the land of mystery you come head on with your potential, and all that it could be.  The sky is no limit for what is possible in you!
You begin to see that the past has been holding you back, limiting you from bringing forth the original and authentic being you were put here to be!!  What was is in the past and constricting you, was only a concept, a thought.  There are no physical barriers keeping you from bringing your creation into the light of day.  The only block in your way, the only resistance stopping you from living a completely fulfilling life, is you.  You are the one in the way of your own progress.
Stop living in an outdated experience.  See where you’re stuck, and then take focused action to create positive forward movement in your life.  If at first you do not succeed, try again!  If you desire growth in your life, then you must create focused action.  Without intention and action, nothing will be so.  It will be the same old same old, biz as usual.  Don’t you think you’ve had enough of that??  I have.
It all starts with your awareness of, where you’re getting stuck in life.  Are you stagnant in personal growth?  If so, what action can you take to create a new and exciting life for yourself?  The answer is in you, all you need to do is ask and it will be. Then take an action and you will soon see; progress.
It all starts with authenticity.  Are you being authentic with yourself? Are you taking responsibility for where you stand in your life?  If so, great, fabulous!  This is where to begin.  This is your jumping point to an amazing life.  A life lived in the moment.  In the flow of this moment you take charge of your life.  You let go of the stronghold of past experiences.  You realize your past was inhibiting your growth.  You see it clearly now.  You assess your strengths and weaknesses and create a new way about yourself.
Your gift in this life is your daily opportunity to live each day as beautiful gift to unwrap.  As you open this gift at the beginning of each new day, your face lights up with the mystery that awaits you on your doorstep.  Today is the first day of the rest of your life.  What will you do with this gift of life?  Will you let it pass you by and live the same day over and over again?   A lifetime of yesterdays? Or will you take life fully in your arms, Hug it with all your might, love it up, and embrace every ounce of it to the fullest!!??!!
The choice is yours.  May you choose wisely.
With Limitless Love,
Jimmy Page