Monday, January 27, 2014

The Energy that Carries us Through

Living life wide open with courage and grace
With any journey there comes great sacrifice and equally great rewards.  The reward is the openness to all that is.  Embracing the fact that I am a conduit for the grace of God to travel though and touch the world in profound and amazing way.

The first step is intention.  After that its getting my head out of the way so my heart can lead the way.

I feel life so intensely at times, it practically cuts like a knife.  The only way through is breathing with conscious awareness.  The breath is my savior.  When I think I cannot go a step further, the simply coursing of my breath has carried me through.  The breath is so much more than an autonomic response that keeps us alive.  The breath carries us to death.  It delivers us into the next life and births us to and fro this world.

The breath is a gift which creates balance and grounding in our life.  Without it we would surely not survive, in so many more ways than one.  The breath continues to carry us through with calming mind effects, and overall body relaxation.  It gives creativity the opportunity to blossom by allowing our imaginations to be heard.

From the breath comes new life.  Renewed and aware we step into each moment with vibrance.  All this being only possible through our keen awareness on the flow of our very own breath...........

The Ocean

The Ocean endlessly flows      
As the waves roll
And tides change
I am renewed, reborn
With each breath-
A blessing.
My chest rises and falls
I am invigorated.
I fill my soul with fresh air
The energies of heaven
Nourish each and every cell.
The breath connects me
To the fibers of the Universe.
I am a strand in
The Web of life
Life reminds us to breathe
Ever changing seasons
Re-birth to Death
And once again.
The Sun rises
Only to fall once again.
All life is held in the embrace of
The ever flowing breath.
It is with all our heart
And all our soul
We embrace the Ocean of life,
And the ever flowing breath
That carries us along.
~Jimmy Page~    [Winter 2012]


Food For Thought

Control the Food, Control the People

So doing a bit of research and trying to bring a bit of awareness to myself and the world at large :)

I find it very strange and not in our benefit that over half of the global market of the seeds that our food comes from is controlled (owned) by Chemical companies.
It would appear to me that chemicals and food should not be a joint venture that we invest (ingest) in each day to feed our selves and our families.

In 1970 there were over 10,000 seed companies. As of 2014 there are only a few hundred seed companies left.  Companies like Monsanto have bought the rights to nearly 25% of all seeds.  They have and continue to make it illegal for farmers to save seeds to reuse for the following years crop. A practice that has been going on long before Monsanto came along.
These companies are creating immense monopolies.  They are quickly taking over the rights to our food supply.  They are stripping farmers of there rights and forcing them to grow chemically induced GMO seeds or be put out of business.
Its all too clear now that these companies are stealing our rights to choose what we put on our plates each day.  These corporations care not for the well being of you or I.  They hold hands with the government and implement laws to aid them in there mission to take control of our food chain.  They grease palms and play the dirtiest of politics to persuade the tables to go their way.
I urge you all to open your eyes wide to the crimes these Chemical companies are committing against the whole of humanity.  Now we must take action to make it known that we are taking the power back into our own hands.  We have the right to know what's in the food we put on our plates each day.  Its time we tell these companies what their doing to the Small American family farmers is not ok. 
Lets do our best to make a positive difference in the world.  Tell these corporations we not going to eat their chemically altered foods any longer.  Tell them to label what's in their food.  We have the right to know what we eat.
After all, you are what you eat.  Who would you trust to grow your food?  Your local farmer?, or a company that makes chemicals?  Doesn't seem like a very hard decision to me.

 Check out your local CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) and discover how easy it is to bring local wholesome food to your families table each day and night.  Google "Local CSA" and create your own food chain.
Companies to Boycott:
Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, DuPont, Dow.  (A comprehensive list of companies who support the use of GMO's, and heavily donate to the above companies.)

Links to Local Farmers:
Support your local farmer by taking part in a CSA

Thanks for listening,
~Jimmy Page~