Saturday, November 13, 2010

Come and See with Me

Just be
Web interweave
Fall into a Tree
Feel it breathe

Leave once again
Fall to the ground
Give yourself to the Earth
Embrace limits with no bounds

Laugh with It
Be amazed with It
Wonder how
Forget reasons why

Let go
Leaf to the ground
Feed Mother Earth
Rich Soil
Ready to give birth

Grow in the circles of life
Know Mystery’s flow
Through your veins it flows

Catch the current
Ride the tides
On and on
Eternal life

Be awaken to the intricacies-
Of each blessed moment

And Just

By Jimmy Page

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

This Needs To Be Heard, NOW!

I am angry with the world I am livin’ in. I am often happy with my immediate surroundings; it’s the onslaught of the outer surroundings that seem to create a great disturbance within me.

I do not particularly look forward to pissing people off, but…………a big part of me wants to go out into this world and start shaking people vigorously until they begin to awaken to the ignorance they live and conspire within.

I am not enjoying the feelings of anger I am currently experiencing. I am pissed, PERIOD! What the fuck are so many of us thinking. Why does it have to be such competition based living? Life is not a competition to be won by you or I. So why do we constantly feel the need to outdo one another? Our culture breeds us to push to the top without any consultation of the heart.

Be the best, Fine. But be your best. The best for someone else should only compliment us in our lives, not concern or complicate us. What others strive for, need not be what we aim for. Team work is the key. But when teamwork pushes to eliminate its opponents, in my eyes it negates the overall purpose of what I see to be team.

In envisioning a team I see people nurturing and assisting the strengths of one another. With deep love and compassion a team works to create a group dynamic that stokes the flames of one divine unified fire.

So how would we bring this evolved team into the light of our present day? How do we recognize and live a consensual consensus?

This is where the anger often enters. It’s the frustration factor. It’s the not knowing quite how to birth and care for this new child that so needs to be born, and born now, to heal our broken world. The first steps, which we must determine, need to be taken now. This will be the solid foundation unto which a new vision will grow.

I have to; we must, start somewhere. So I am starting now! Chaos or not, I am living and I am awake, and this is reason enough for me to create positive change from the ground up. With all my HEART……….DO, DO, DO something, anything, but it must start here and now.

As I know; “The journey of thousand miles starts with the first step.”

My feet press into the fertile soil, and my imprint begins to be felt. I cannot walk lightly upon eggshells, no more! This voice needs to be heard. For me to close my mouth would be to strip the air of life from my lungs. I breathe now, and now I share. I care deeply for this unified life that we all live within. My silence can no longer live.

Please listen, is all I ask. Let your mind unwind the tall tale it has been living, and open it up to a new story. Let this new story breathe upon its own, with heart and soul creating a path to which our mind will gently tread upon. May we allow ourselves to remember the long forgotten essence from which we were born. With each step may we accept the grace of others to teach us the troubles and joys of our own lives. May we learn to be loving reflections for one another, that in turn free us from the constraints of some else’s priorities, created upon an unjust, uptight, and worn out world.

Each one of us need to give our sisters and brothers of life a chance, a God–given opportunity to live and breathe in their own unique and divine way.

If we allow ourselves compassion to live life in a way that creates music in our hearts, then we also can also accept and embrace the divine actions of all others.

We all live with our ups and downs. No day is more perfect than the next. Some days hurt, and others our pure ecstasy. Without black, white would be awfully lonely, and if the dark of night never had the opportunity to break for the light of the new day, the world would be one barren and depressing place. But just the same, many of my darkest days have shown me the arrows pointing to the first steps of embracing a more constant enlightenment.

I hold the light of enlightenment and feel its embrace. I let it slip from my grasp, yearning to feel its powerful connection once more. I slowly learn the ebb and flow of this unending parade we open to as life.

I ask you to embrace who you are, the all of you, not just the pretty parts, but the dark ugly you too. Take you all in, and sit with it. It’s ok to be you, the all of you. Know you can feel this, and heal this, dark parts and all, only if you choose to. Know that who you are, is in part, who we all are. We each hold within us, the uniqueness that makes us, us. All at once we embrace the reflection of the whole.

Open your eyes to the unfolding of you in everyone who surrounds and connects to you. You are as deep as an endless well. Together we remember the path of eternal penetration. This is the journey of who we are, on the deepest of deep levels of being. We are being pulled in to the center of life’s very beginnings. From here all things end and begin eternally. From here everything and nothing is all happening NOW!

And the Mystery Continues……

By ~Jimmy Page~