Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Power of Love: Our Greatest Wealth.

I'm beginning to think this whole Trump fiasco is really a big smoke and mirrors show to get us to divert our attention from one place to another.  For many its creating a disturbance that appears to be hitting home on both sides of the fence.

On one side you have people who are just sadly amazed and baffled all at once as to how so many people have risen to a new level of hate.  So many thinking we had evolved to a new state of evolution only to look around and see people radiating racism, and mass prejudice that was mind blowing in this day and age.  But now with someone who appears to have some weird ability of charisma towards reaching others with buried anger and hate in their hearts, the tides of evolution feel like they have suddenly reversed directions to those weary on this side of the fence.

Those who have chosen to support Trump are angry with the world and feel like they are being justified through someone like Trump who spews whatever his mouth chooses to poo poo upon the world each time it opens.  There are those who feels that life has dealt them a shit hand, and with these feelings they have grown thoughts of hate towards others, who they feel must be to blame for their misfortunes.  Who knows maybe there's a bit of truth to the story.  Maybe this person lost his job to some immigrant and feels jaded now towards all immigrant.

The sad story that these people have chosen to disregard is that the immigrants that fill these jobs are very similar to those who lost the job.  They both are struggling to survive in a world that can be considerably unkind to those at the bottom of life's ladder.  Truth of the matter is that these immigrants are not where the blame of a country should be landing.  We need to look a little deeper to find what truth lies hidden behind a country who's riches are so unevenly divided that if you knew the exact figures your mind would blow clear out of this world.

We've been led to believe lies that have been fed to us by a bought media and a corrupt political system.  They will do whatever is necessary to divert attention from the blasphemy they have not only created but perpetuated for far too long.  The truth is out there I promise you. Politicians tied too tightly to Corporations are desperately trying to distract us from what is happening right before our very eyes.  They are gently but firmly pulling the carpet right from under our feet.  They have led us to believe they have our best interests in mind.  That they do know what is best for us.  And so many of us are now calling their bluff.

The current presidential tabacle is shining a light that has made so many of us shake our head in dismay, and from both sides of the fence we are left flabbergasted as to how and why we are in our current circumstances.  How can so so few have so much, when so many struggle to stay afloat in this life? Its not the way life should be lived.  Its a fine and some would say scary line to lean towards  a democratic socialism, and yet we are so far lost at this point that where do you believe it is possible to steer this ship to discover a new day where the many will be able to prosperous an ounce as good as the few?  The Middle class is the nuts and bolts of this nation.  It is upon their backs that the one percenters pull further away with pockets so full that their wealth has becoming unfathomable to the hard working Middle class.  Where is our fair deal?  When does the wealth distribution in this country change tides and show a touch more benefit to those who make it all come together?

What the answer to these questions be, I can not answer at this juncture.  But I will say that the current system is way past broken from the eyes of millions of working Joe's and Jill's who bust their ass day in and day out only to just get by, and I trust their are many that are far less fortunate than the collective Joe and Jill.

And this is why I think Trump has stole so much limelight.  He is a distraction from the carpet continually slipping out from under are feet.  Those jaded  have chosen to join forces with Trump's antics in a hope that their hate will make a better day for them.  I am not in the shoes of those who blame another for their own state of affairs, so it becomes difficult to find relation with them.  Although I will embrace the compassion I have towards all life and wish them well in their discovery to the realization that hate will not bring a brighter tomorrow, only more hate.  I send my love to them and ask they see the light that shines from the dark corners of life.  May that light show them they have the power to brighten their day with positive actions that enhance the whole of life, not just one race, or one religion, or one frame of mind.

The world is a big place that can became very small in an instant.  With awakening you come to know that the other is you and to wish them ill is also pulling yourself down in a hole.  When you consciously choose to uplift yourself you suddenly come to know it has always been within you to create the change you have seeked for so long outside of yourself.  You have the power to create a beautiful world.  A beautiful country.  A beautiful life.  It starts with you, and when you embrace the love inside yourself you remember that you can join forces with the vibration of love that rings through each and every one of us.  You only need accept and embrace that the power of love is within you to have it shine forth into the world and bring a brighter tomorrow, today!

Peace and Love to You...ALL.

~Jimmy Page~

I would like to share a bit with you. Some words on holding doors, love, life, and being kind to yourself and others!......

Monday, February 8, 2016

Life is but a Dream....What's yours?

It is continuously in the forefront of my mind.  It will not go away, and I realize I have to do something about it.  I danced around with ideas of how I could improve things.  I look around and I see a lot of beauty and an equal amount of imminent disaster lurking about.  The truth is life is a choice.  We decide every second on how we view this world, and where we place our stock.  Unlimited possibilities float in the air ready to be brought into existence through our conscious creation.  There’s always going to be the good wolf and the bad wolf at our doorstep.  Every experience has the potential to be perceived as a blessing or a curse.  Duality is a huge part of this Earthwalk.  It is of utmost important we see the bigger picture in all of this and be fully conscious of the opportunities before us.  When we open eyes to the truth that life is fully in our hands and we are the makers of our madness, or equally so, the creators of beautiful dreams come true, we become warriors of our own personal truth.

I have become fully aware of current circumstances that surround me and they are creating more than just a tinge of nervous energy within.  I look out into the world and into myself and I see a fear masking our truest potentials in this lifetime.  Many of us won’t admit this publicly or privately, to others or even more importantly, to ourselves.  Without a shadow of doubt I know it lies at the heart of many of us.  I bring this to our attention to create an opportunity to elevate ourselves from this current state of being; asleep at the wheel.  I’ve been awake and asleep on and off for some time now.  I liken myself to dualities' YoYo.  One day I’m all in, the next day I’m head deep in my ass.  The funniest part, or saddest part of it all, depending on how you’d like to look at it all, is this; I am fully aware that I’m a ball on the end of a string bouncing in and out of awareness.  Blows my mind. 

I have opened my eyes to life and have been amazed to the potential that is possible with the right dedication, courage, and determination.  I truly believe anything is possible if you fully invest in yourself and continue flowing in a direction that resonates strongly in your heart. 

There are a few things I must share on the darkside of things to allow myself to embrace the lighter side of things.  In the fashion of duality I must embark on a journey that allows me to fully see the woes of my way and this world I live in before I can shine the full spectrum of light I have to bring to the world.  Many times, and many people have found their way to the light by knowing they have been walking in the dark and realized they’ve had enough.  And true enough, they come to know by shining a light in the dark you become the light that you have been searching for all this time.

Getting back on point;  the weight that sits heavy at the forefront of my mind, its time to share a truth that may piss some people off.  It is what it is.  If the words I’m sharing offend or upset you, I only ask you take a step back, breathe in a deep breath and ask yourself why these words are affecting you in this way. 

Here’s the thing;  Electronics, social media, gaming, reality TV, all equal one thing: DISTRACTION.  We are being distracted from a deeper truth of life.  We have immersed ourselves so deeply into this world of an electronic presentation of who we think we are, we have lost touch with who we truly are.  We aren’t even looking at who we are, why we are here, and what’s IT all about.  Maybe some of us are, but there is a shitload of us who invest no effort or thought into the possibilities of what this life is and who we truly are. 

I know its deep shit.  I think about it and it blows my fucking mind.  Little things like; Where was I before I was here?  Where will I go when I move on from this plane?  It mind boggling, yet I ask myself, how can I not consider these things.  How are so many of us turning a blind eye to the pink elephant in the room?  That’s mind blowing too.  It’s weird that we don’t learn about this stuff in school.  Mathematics and English are fine.  They serve a purpose.  But what about the bigger picture of life?  Where’s the class in school that questions this reality and encourages one to dive deeper in the Great Mysteries of life? 

These are all books in themselves. But we have to ask ourselves why?  At least I do.  I’m not going to get lost in left field, but know this; the people who hold dominant power in this world do not want you pondering such big questions.  They want dependency, you of them.  They want good little worker bees who do their job and don’t make too much noise.  They probably don’t dig people like me stirrin the pot up.  But I say fuck’em.  I can’t sit quiet anymore.  I’ve done plenty of the good little worker bee thing.  Now it is time to stir shit up bygollie.

What I’m proposing is simple yet might complicate things a bit.  I know that’s how I feel about it anyways.  Instead of spending our precious time tweeting who did this or that, or Facebooking how great this is, how stupid that was, or staring endlessly at a screen ridiculing the fake ass reality show about who the fuck cares, how bout we open up to a new level of being and embrace that life is some pretty amazing shit, and go out and make a difference in the world.  Go volunteer at some place worthy down the street.  Hang out with grandma and tell her how she inspires you, and then hear how her life made her who she is today.  Paint a picture of your backyard bringing out the colors you see.  Write a book on how to wake the fuck up to the bigger picture of life J.

This is what I’m talking about.  And if you think I’m an asshole for saying it, fine.  I really don’t care if that’s how you feel.  I love you and wish you the very best no matter your choice.  I write these words to us all, myself being a big part of us all.  I am guilty of good chunk of the shit I speak to in this writing, except reality tv, that shit is not my cup of tea, never has, never will be.  It is a crock of shit and I’m not interested in the pretend lives of others.  Just sayin. 

I’m here to make a difference.  I’m here to encourage conscious change.  I’m turning on my light and shining it in the space around me, illuminating all that’s in my reach.  My Goal is not to offend.  My goal is to enlighten.  We all are the creators of our own realities.  There's no one to blame for your life.  When we point a finger at someone else, always remember where the rest of the fingers in your hand are pointing to.  I can only change who I am.  My mission is to be the best I can be.  I’ve been down in hole and on the wings of an Eagle high in the sky.  We all ride the waves of life’s ups and downs.  It’s a natural occurrence in this life.  Its what we bring to the table when we experience these highs and lows that shapes who we are in this lifetime.  Don’t get caught down low, and always remember that what goes up must come down.  Wise words I’ve run into my whole life. 

Today I’m making the effort to put down my phone and communicate more fully and open to life.  Whether life gives me roses or pisses down my leg, I’m going to make the best of it.  I have a gift to share with the world, and so do you.  Let’s be honest with ourselves,  look within and truly see how in the world we can be who we came here to be.  Look as deep as you’d like.  Walk the line if you choose.  Jump right into that shit if you feel inclined.  Or just watch from a distance.  The choice is yours for the making.  I love and only wish you the very best.  Life is but a dream, so row, row, row your boat gently down the stream.  Love that shit J

Be Awesome,


~Jimmy Page~