Thursday, November 7, 2013

Discovering the Impeccable Word in Our World

I’ve been thinking about the impeccability of my word.  Every now and then I find myself speaking words that I truly don’t mean.  I think spewing these words will make me feel better, get it off my chest so to speak.  But all it really does is send a ripple of negativity into world.  What we say, whether we mean it or not has consequence.  Every word that leaves our mouth has an impact on the world.  The words we speak can be daggers to the heart, or waves of compassion and love.  The energy we send into the world lay within our intent.  Are we intending disregard for others well being, or our we holding joy in our hearts for those we speak of?
Words, no matter how we intend them, have an energetic effect upon the world.  They send ripples out into the Universe and create a response, whether conscious or unconscious, in those to which they have been spoken about.  We think that just because we don’t truly mean what we say that they don’t have an effect.  But this is untrue.   Your words are a reflection of who you are. 

Let’s say you are a painter.  You step to your canvas and even though you’re not totally invested in the process you begin to slap colors against the blank canvas in front of you.  You throw colors carelessly from your brush and then decide to call it a day.  You walk away forgetting the mess you just made.  Even though you didn’t have much meaning in your work, you are left with a painting filled with ugly colors that don’t serve anything positive in your life.  Yet there it lies, true as day.

This is the same effect words have when we haphazardly let them spew from our mouth.  We may turn our back on them trying to forget the mess we threw out into the Universe, but do not be mistaken; these words remain like poison floating about the ethers.  They bring no light to the world, only darkness.
The moral of the story is; mean what you say and say what you mean.  The less trash you talk the brighter future you will be creating.  Like my Mom always said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all.”  Words of wisdom for us all.

I am encouraged to speak words of kindness and compassion about myself and others, always.  Let’s set an intention to brighten up this world with each and every spoken word.

Much Love,
~Jimmy Page~