Friday, December 14, 2012

GOD.....What can I do?

In the wake of the all too recent events I am left embracing the tremors of a heavy heart.  How can this be?  God bless the children in all of us.

I am open to this experience.  It hurts.  God it hurts.  The tears are pushing past the dam I sometimes hold at the surface of my eyes.  I breathe.....and ask for the guidance to assist and carry us through this tragedy hitting so close to home.

We need to come together, now more than ever.  Join hands, join hearts, and embrace this moment so that we can burn through the fear.  Too many of us are living in fear.  Courage is what we need.  The courage to give all the love we have within, and shine it unconditionally on the families that are so effected by this terrible experience.  May they feel the warmth of our unified love surrounding them.  May we lighten their tremendous load, and create a sacred space for them to grieve their loss.

I send light and love, all that my heart has to offer, to Newton. 

Please join me. 

Open your heart. 

Find the courage. 

And send your deepest heartfelt LOVE to those surrounding this tragedy.

God's Blessing.

With all my Love,

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Welcome to "The Age of Heart-Based Action"

Hello one two one two one two, (12-12-12)

Amazing! A date to embrace.  The 1 2 1 2 1 2 makes we want to get up and sing.  It's got this ring to it that sounds off bells in your body, and enlightens your soul.  Let's sing and dance our way into the new life we are creating!!!

It's exciting considering all the possibilities leading up to the ending of one Great Age and the welcoming into a new and even Greater Age.  It is to be filled with what I can only hope and hold faith to be, The Best of Ages.  What the future has in store for us, will greatly have to do with what we all bring to the table as a collective.  Each one of us holds the key to great potential, and together as a holistic force, we are limitless.

What are the possibilities awaiting bloom before us?  A small question this is not.  Let's simplify it.  Our actions, fueled by the thoughts streaming through us, have thus far created the experience into which we live.  Sometimes beautiful, at times horrific, and always a result of our own actions.  This is of the utmost importance for us to own, whole heartly.  We each pave our own way in this world.  We can attempt to lay blame on others for our lack of zest in life, but the more we point one finger away from our self, the more we begin to find that the remainder of the fingers in our hand point to the true source of our conditions.  Our Self.

The revelation of finally realizing we are the makers of our madness, and it is only when we take control of our life, and our actions, that we can discover it is only I, and in this case U too, that have the power to make change.  It is our God given gift to be the creators of our destiny.  Within our heart we find the truth of life.  The heart tells no lies.  Even under all the scars of the past, when you choose to look deep within, you will always find the truth that guides to your highest high.  And when we do uncover this truth, this "calling," it is with our intentions we learn to guide our life in the direction we have always dreamt it to be. 

Action guided by heartfelt intentions lead the way to not only and amazing tomorrow, but more importantly, an amazing today.  Today is the most important day of your life.  It's not because today is 12-12-12, although that in itself it pretty darn cool, it is because today is the only day you have to take action in the awakening of your dreams.  If not today, when?  There will always be a million and one excuses to put off our dreams.  Today is your day to shine.  Drop the excuses off at the cleaners,  you do not need them. Trust me, if you want to pick them up later, they'll still be there.  But maybe, just maybe we can drop the excuses for good.  We'd all be the better for it.

The Present moment is our opportunity to shine.  We grab hold of our intentions, we step one foot first into the world, and with intention our next foot follows us as we leave behind the sorrows of the past.  We no longer inhibit our heart.  Now is the time to let the rays of our internal sun shine as bright as we know they can, and brighter yet still.  We embrace our faith and let it guide us through the dark, to the light that shines more intensely with each step we take towards it.  We keep on keepin' on.  Even through the doubts, we push through.  We uncover the path as we go, growing along the way.  With our feet planted firmly on the path to our dreams, we suddenly discover a whole new world opening up for us.  The people we meet seem to have a certain vibrancy to them.  The places you go breathe with fresh life.  Everything is as it need be.   

Acceptance.  Now, living in the moment becomes a necessary and encouraged part of life.  While experiencing the moment fully, we come to know our self more completely.  We learn to accept the ups and downs of life.  Accepting the hard times with an open heart, and an open mind, takes all the courage in the world.  And we find it, because we have faith in our self that carries us through the tough times, and from it we grow.  Our intention is to continue taking actions that will lead us to the dreams we hold in our heart.  From our heart based intentions we begin to find peace within the chaos of life.  Moment by moment we experience the unfolding of life.  We come to deeply understand the perfect harmony of it all.  We allow our self to let go, to let go of the restrictions, the bars of resistance we have created thus far through this journey of life.  We understand that each experience in life has led us to where we stand today.  With this understanding we expand through any bars we had built around our self in the past.  The past has been a gift for you to grow into the being you are right now in this very moment.  We begin to fully accept who we are. I am perfect.  I am me.

Entering into this new age we open our arms and mind,  guided by our heart, to the best we have yet to know.  The experience is ours for the making.  You hold the key to your dreams, as I hold the key to mine.  Now is the Age of Heart based Action.  We each have a mission to fulfill here on the beautiful kingdom we call our home.  Individually we break from our shells and awaken to a new day filled with limitless potential.  Collectively we embrace one anothers dreams, and give unconditional loving support to the whole.  Each one of us will uncover the way home to our heart's.  It will be in our own special time and our own special way.  The dreams we desire are always within our reach.  It is our mission to extend our arms fully into the world and discover the dream that is ours to experience.  We embrace the dream as our own, and then with all the love we have to give, we open the wings of our dream and let it fly.  Dreambirds spread their wings, sailing on the horizon to share their experiences with all the world and far beyond, touching the hearts of many as they go.  And forever remember;  Dreambirds always flock together.

With the love of all Ages,
Eternal Love,

Monday, December 3, 2012

What do I DESIRE?

What do I DESIRE?

It’s the million dollar question, and surprisingly the answer is free.

I could have all the money in the world, and in my heart if I do not know what I desire, the eternal happiness I certainly do desire will only fall flat, face first into the sorrow I have felt so many moments in my life.

In the words of Tracy Chapman, “I gotta feelin….I could be someone.”

I desire to touch someone, to reach them on a level so deep, that it almost scares them to know another being could share a truth they to hold so deep in their bones.  I’ll share with them the torch of courage, the courage to feel deeper than they knew they could, and to help them remember who they are from the beginning.

I desire to embrace this feeling completely in myself.  To know who I am from the beginning, before the static reality we have created for ourselves, before the drama, the war, the separation. 

I desire connection.  A connection that’s always been there, but rarely felt.


When God greets you at the door at the end of this life and welcomes you to the next, the question is simple and direct;  

What do you desire in this life?

The opportunity in this life is to let the God in you ask this question now.  It is our right to thrive.  It is a gift to open and discover the heart’s desire.  The Ultimate desire has truth at its bones.  In all of Creation what is it you desire to create?  If we truly desire it with our highest intentions, then so it will be.    

It is in the creation of my desire that I intend to bring forth and shed light upon the endless possibilities life has to offer us.  When we come to the realization of finding that the well of untapped potential lay within our self, it is then we can bring our creative desire to light of this day.  Each thought is building block to discover the heart’s desire, and every action made in the direction of our intended desire is a path leading to the you you wish to be.

Words only skate along the surface of a truth which runs deeper than any ocean.  It is our work, or let us call it “our play” to be open and accessible to the feelings showing us the way.  Desire will ignite the creative nature within, and we will begin thrive, living the life we were all born to live.

And so it is.  
With love,                                                                                                                                                           

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


              Join us:

       Exposed Creation! 

    An Exploration of Your Creative Self

Exercise your creative writing and expression in an inter-active class to assist in the unearthing of your creativity.

·       A Safe Non-judgmental space

·       Rekindle your creative connection

·       Community to Support and Share your creative expression


Dates:  May 17th, 24th, 31st,and June 7th   (All Thursday’s)

Time: 7-9 p.m.

Cost:  $40 total for all four classes.

Location:  In the YURT @ ClearPoint Center, 259 East Street, Stafford, CT 06075

Reserve your Spot In the YURT.  Class limited to 8 people

Contact Jimmy @ 860-933-9467 or

This will be a 4 class journey into the exploration of our creative self.

All those with an open heart and mind are welcome.

Jimmy Page has practiced the Art of Qi Gong and various forms of meditation for the past 7 years.  He actively writes poetry and creative writing as a means to expand and express himself and others.  Jimmy’s mission is to assist in the elevation of our awareness and creativity while discovering a deeper connection to all that IS through creative expression.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Inspired To Be

The first flakes began to fall. I am becoming increasingly aware of it all. The flakes fly gently down, falling gracefully, ever so to the ground. It’s a wonder to me, how will this snow accumulate? To what will it be? I could easily get lost in the wondering thoughts, but gently I coax myself back home, to the present moment of falling flakes, to the dance of divinely designed sculptures of white.

The sky it does most certainly cry. Partially frozen tears of joy, cascading down as angels all dressed in white. It is a blanket to coat the land, the energy from the heavens to amplify all who walk in grace, hand in hand.

For now its goes slow, slowly down it goes. I look again and momentum is gained. Where there was once few but a flake, now many swirl together in a rhythmic wake. It is sent to us from the One who weeps for us all to awake. The invisible air is being filled with dancers draped in the purest of color, all reflections of one.

It’s easy to get lost from the moment. I challenge you, and of course me too; breathe in the fullness of it all, let your thoughts fade away, and enter the moment NOW!

Feel what you do. No words necessary. Feelings are the things that always speak truth to you. Let go the story you’ve walked in the past. No need to look to the future, because it’s only a guess to what will be, confused by the mask of all your expectations from the past.

Step into the moment with your heart open to the mystery of life. In your heart you will know only this moment can guide you home. Home is where the heart is. Now you awaken and find all that you seek has worn a disguise of costumes, played by past stories and futures lullabies.

With eyes free of illusions in time, you suddenly uncover the truth of life. It’s all in this moment. The only moment to discover all that you seek needs no finding. Everything is right here. Now is the time to burn through the fear and step into the light.

It’s all around you, one step to enlight, and a lifetime upon many to fall into the candles flame to ignite our eternal birth right. Thrive you beautiful soul. Let you spirit be lifted and your love be discovered. It’s all in the moment, one speck of white turning into a quilt of light, connecting us all. Until the last of the flakes fall, we’re all in this together, One in All!!!

Blessings of light and love to U all! ~Jimmy Page~

Monday, January 23, 2012

New Beginnings

This is me.

Welcome to the journey of my Exposed Creation. I am treading gently into the unknown and I invite you to step into this magical play. I am encouraged to have you take part in the joint journey of exposing all that Creation has to offer us.

It begins now, here in this very moment of life. This is how I roll. I write it down. I let the flow of intention take me to where it shall, here and now!

Vacation or so it has been called, is coming to a close for now. It’s been a good run. Disney was a blast and a blur all in the same breath. I have enjoyed it and I am glad it is to be. Certain aspects of it have grated on my nerves. It’s those little things that start to wear on you after awhile. It’s all good and moving on, I look forward to home. The home I call home, is sweet, yet it is the home that sits deep in my heart that truly holds my permanent residence.

It’s always nice to go home. The comforts held within the place I call home are like no other. I look to the warmth of the heat emanating from the VC(Vermont Castings) nestled within my home. I miss dog wonder and mew master. It will be nice to walk my own floor boards once again. There’s something about the place called home that rings true in my heart. I feel like Dorothy, “there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home”.

Now is time to ignite my passions and push forward with new phases of life. The candle has been lit and now the burn in beginning to blaze with brilliance. Action filling me with forward motion is assisting me in embracing my dreamt dream come to life.

I am introducing my Self, and my Truth to the world. It is filled with healing and creative expressions to help myself and others in embracing the incoming tides of high vibrational energies pressing into this world right now. I am playing in these energies and learning to ride the waves of twenty-twelve and beyond. It’s the ride of a lifetime. Jump in and let’s ride this wave together.

It is with humility, gratitude, and enthusiasm that I welcome the world to come explore with me. I am sharing classes to assist in calming and quieting the mind. When we release from the stronghold of our rampant thoughts, we open the gate awakening us to a world beyond the chaos of society’s dream. It is in this Silence that we find harmony and peace. In this space we are able to access higher levels of being. These higher vibes assist us in tuning into our own intuitive natures. These are the keys to living life in balance with the whole.

Meditation with intention, Explorative Writing, and learning to live in connection with all facets of life will aid us in becoming the most amazing beings we can be. This will be our jumping off point.

I invite you to step out on the edge with me. A new frontier is here yearning for your intention/attention. It’s always better when we go at it together.

Classes/gatherings are being created in the moment of this reading. If the mystery of life excites and intrigues you, I welcome you to come explore the great unknown.
It will be……………………filled with mystery!

Contact Jimmy at for details of upcoming happenings.

Monday, January 9, 2012

I am Jimmy Page

Welcome to the world in which I walk. It’s a mysterious world with a plentitude of ups and downs. Right now I am doing my best to hold on to the positive side of me. You would think, hey this should be easy, but no, I am having a wee bit of a time with it. The struggle is an ongoing one. It’s a battle between what I want to do in my heart, and what my ego would like to do. I guess you would call it, the great battle of heart and head.

This battle is of such magnitude that I must tread lightly or I will implode, or possibly explode, depending on the exact moment of impact with myself and the forces that I have yet to meet full face on.

My breath is what keeps me moving. If not for the rhythmic flow of air leaving and entering said body, I would most definitely have lost it a long time ago. And so I breathe continuously and aware as possible.

The pain of Being can be quite intense. My body is speaking to me, or should I say screaming at me that action must take place now! You would think, no problem, let’s move, let’s do this. But no. The static in my head fogs my knowing and leaves me wandering in the dark. It’s getting old I tell you.

I try to keep it on the positive, for if I don’t I will only descend deeper into the pit of my own discord. The more I choose to focus on something, the harder I hold on to it and question why, the stronger its hold of me becomes. So I say to myself, LET GO! Let go of the frustration and take action to lead me to the reality I am dreaming of in heart and mind’s eye. I will only bring fruition to my dreamt destiny if I persist in getting there.

It all sounds wonderful. It is in the doing that I seem to skip a step and end up astray in the wilderness of my own emotion spun story. And I breathe………and repeat…………….and so on and so forth. I work to calm myself and locate the space I need to prosper. I sometimes forget the key component to advance, being; the work must transform into play, and the dream will then find away to PLAY itself out.
And so here I am. I contemplate life from my place in space. Moving on……………………