Friday, August 7, 2015


The Energy is on high today.  There's this pushy tension building within.  I must be blocking it.        A resistance is damming up the energy in my body that's yearning to flow smoothly throughout the channels in my body.

It's been all I can do to keep it cool.  Don't want to be that hot head.  Deep breathes is the only rope keeping me from exploding volcano style, all over everything.  Works been super busy.  Take a week to go on "vacation" and you return to a pile up of this and that.  I love vacation.  It's great, yet the backlash can sometimes last longer than the vacation itself.

Needless to say, its taken its toll on me. This past week has been all consuming, leaving little time to focus on soul health, as well as overall body and mind well being.  And trust, I need it.  I have been taking baby steps to improve my overall self, and yet I find myself desperately needing to grow up just a bit so I can start to take a leap, even a bound to the next stage of my life.

I am here to help.....myself......and maybe others too along the way.  Its now, and the evolution of my soul is ready to wake up and smell the blossoming of a new day.  A day where I uncover what I've been hiding within.  A fear lurks and holds down precious gems in the soul.  Gems so valuable that no price can be put to them.  Such vulnerability to bare the truest gifts the soul has to offer.  We all carry these gifts within us.  There are those of us who expertly, yet humbly, wield the sword that share our most precious of gifts with the world.  Then there's those who may never break the surface to uncovering what gifts lie within.  And then there's me.

I know what needs doing.  I've broke the surface, not just once, but enough times to know what steps I must take to wield the sword of my God given gifts.  I've felt my hands reaching for the sword.  It's even left it grasp on me, pulling my imagination to the sky where creation rains its beauty down upon this world.  It's time to take a leap of faith.  To trust in one's own courage.  To know there is no wrong when the heart knows its truth and brings it to the light of day.

Depths have held me in a quiet despair, wondering when I might break free, stepping into the power that was born with me.  I have gift, its multitude of talents offering up opportunities to embrace more of who we are, more of who I am, Who I am. I am.

The edge of eternity is the fine line that one must walk to experience a greater truth within this life. To expose ones self to possibilities beyond the norm of conventionality.  Walking into the darkness with a knowing of faith that the light will greet when you are ready to meet.  These are the trials that are walked by the few.  The few who choose to take the road less traveled.  I can only imagine a strong heart, a healthy mind, a fierce body, and a courageous soul will bring you face to face with the maker of you.  And when you meet your maker the choice will be to look within the eyes and embrace the being your becoming, or run and hide.

At this point running and hiding is no longer an option.  The music had begun and the face is finding its pace to embrace the road ahead, to meet head on and bring courage to every action, to burn fear at every turn, and to hold the light of creation so gently and fierce as it spreads its beacon light into the world and beyond.  Lighting the way to break ground on a creation so amazing that every soul will be touched with grace and enlightened to the touch.  The touch of god shining from the eyes of a being with feet set upon this Earth, roots deep, and a soul thats spirit rises to the highest mountain top, Shouting glory be to all eternity.  Glory Be.

Enter me.  Road to eternity.  Embracing the greatest being I can be.  Realizing connectivity bonds us all in glorious union.  The web of life touching us all.  Gifting us with a choice to become fully realized.  The realization that the other is you.  The one to the left, and to the right, they are you.  We all are the fingers of Creation.  We can let our ego lead us and try to deny our brothers and sisters in life, but in the end it will be futile.  The light will shine so bright that all colors will bind to the next and the rainbow of life will shine with abundant beauty, and each soul will soon remember the truth of the ages;  We Are All One!

Individuality will share with us each our own unique path, and then in the end of this life, when we walk towards the next, our uniqueness will once again blend with the whole, enriching the web of life that connects us all to the hub of eternal life.  And that's life baby!!

Keep on Steppin'
~Jimmy Page~