Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A little something that resembles our collective lives. When I wrote this some time ago I was speaking to myself. Now I think that this is for us all

A Perfect Mess

My crazy mind is wrapped within this neat little package.
Yet the seams are unraveling,
It’s falling apart.

There’s a knock at the door,
It seems to come from both sides.

And all at once I hear,
“Let me out!”
“Let me in!”

So I sit for a moment and enjoy,
A crazy parade of unending life,
A tale of mind blowing degree.

It swirls within,
And without,
It’s circling all about.

Then the neatness,
It turns inside out,
Finally revealing the chaos,
I’ve been dreaming about.

It’s a beautiful mess,
And I begin to see clear through it.

And now I confess,
To wandering around,
In my neat little mess.

By ~Jimmy Page~

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