Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eyes of a Flickering Flame

Some days can be a long road.
The twists that life presents us,
The ups and self created downs,
Its all part of the journey.

How can I hang on to something,
Something that is only but an illusion.
Mind of turning and yearning thoughts,
A million and one cross my path.

If I am a spinning top-
How do I stop?
Something always comes along to slow the motion.
Why does gravity effect me?

Thoughts are like bullets trying to pierce my mind.
Do I let them tear my beautiful mind?
Or do I create a clear path,
Letting them go........

The truth lies within my heart.
The answer can only be heard-
Within the silence of my Self.
What did you say??

Within me a flame is hiding.
Or am I hiding from it?
When I find this light
I shall be able to see through the dark of my night.

And when the thoughts are nothing more than a breeze,
I begin to flow with my eternal evolving Self.
The breath of fresh air lifts me up.
The rhythms of my soul lead me on.

When I say the road is long,
It's only as long as the path I choose.
With eyes of discernment-
My way is lit by the light of my ever burning flame.

By ~Jimmy Page~

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  1. This is what's on my mind. Yes, this is it, at least for the moment.