Monday, August 2, 2010

Blown Away

In the twirling of my mind
Oh how it can carry on

Only a second it will be
To snap and break away

I turn my head
I adjust my gaze

It hits me
The colors
Hidden between the haze

And in a moment
I am blown away

I discover the magical mystery
It was once hidden from my blind eye

I look around and it finds me
Oh how beautiful and simple it can be
A breath away and then I see
The intricate beauty that lies between,
hidden in the haze

And SNAP, I break away
One single look, and I-
I find my way
Uncovering the mysteries of this day

And for this I say-
With grace I say-
My blessings are endless,
Each and every day

With all the love I can send
I open up and I take it in

And thank you for these eyes
One single blink,
And all this I could compromise

But I say, here I am
And I will find a way-

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