Monday, January 9, 2012

I am Jimmy Page

Welcome to the world in which I walk. It’s a mysterious world with a plentitude of ups and downs. Right now I am doing my best to hold on to the positive side of me. You would think, hey this should be easy, but no, I am having a wee bit of a time with it. The struggle is an ongoing one. It’s a battle between what I want to do in my heart, and what my ego would like to do. I guess you would call it, the great battle of heart and head.

This battle is of such magnitude that I must tread lightly or I will implode, or possibly explode, depending on the exact moment of impact with myself and the forces that I have yet to meet full face on.

My breath is what keeps me moving. If not for the rhythmic flow of air leaving and entering said body, I would most definitely have lost it a long time ago. And so I breathe continuously and aware as possible.

The pain of Being can be quite intense. My body is speaking to me, or should I say screaming at me that action must take place now! You would think, no problem, let’s move, let’s do this. But no. The static in my head fogs my knowing and leaves me wandering in the dark. It’s getting old I tell you.

I try to keep it on the positive, for if I don’t I will only descend deeper into the pit of my own discord. The more I choose to focus on something, the harder I hold on to it and question why, the stronger its hold of me becomes. So I say to myself, LET GO! Let go of the frustration and take action to lead me to the reality I am dreaming of in heart and mind’s eye. I will only bring fruition to my dreamt destiny if I persist in getting there.

It all sounds wonderful. It is in the doing that I seem to skip a step and end up astray in the wilderness of my own emotion spun story. And I breathe………and repeat…………….and so on and so forth. I work to calm myself and locate the space I need to prosper. I sometimes forget the key component to advance, being; the work must transform into play, and the dream will then find away to PLAY itself out.
And so here I am. I contemplate life from my place in space. Moving on……………………

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