Friday, December 14, 2012

GOD.....What can I do?

In the wake of the all too recent events I am left embracing the tremors of a heavy heart.  How can this be?  God bless the children in all of us.

I am open to this experience.  It hurts.  God it hurts.  The tears are pushing past the dam I sometimes hold at the surface of my eyes.  I breathe.....and ask for the guidance to assist and carry us through this tragedy hitting so close to home.

We need to come together, now more than ever.  Join hands, join hearts, and embrace this moment so that we can burn through the fear.  Too many of us are living in fear.  Courage is what we need.  The courage to give all the love we have within, and shine it unconditionally on the families that are so effected by this terrible experience.  May they feel the warmth of our unified love surrounding them.  May we lighten their tremendous load, and create a sacred space for them to grieve their loss.

I send light and love, all that my heart has to offer, to Newton. 

Please join me. 

Open your heart. 

Find the courage. 

And send your deepest heartfelt LOVE to those surrounding this tragedy.

God's Blessing.

With all my Love,

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