Monday, July 6, 2015

Rising Up

In the beginning life was simple and sweet.  Not a care in the world besides experiencing life to the fullest.  Life was a playground to endlessly dance upon, swirling and swerving, jumping and bopping to the ever changing currents of life.  Somewhere along the way we lost that magical feeling.  The God given right to express our self freely, open as the best of books, being in-joy and enjoyed by all.

Each moment of life up till the point of loss, our so called loss of innocence, there was an inherent knowing.  Life was a precious gem to behold, and we knew never to hold on to any one moment too tight.  The river took us and we were willingly in love with every second of the ride.

Where was it we decided to fall out of reach from the tides of life?  When did we decide to let ourselves be washed up on shore loosing touch and taste with the salt of life?  No part of it holds a comprehend-able logic.  When we are conscious sailors on the sea of life we are connected intimately with the currents that rise and fall.  We used to know when to rest and when to exert ourselves.  Our bodies were connected to our minds and knew just how to heal itself.  This loss didn't happen overnight, but at this point it sure feels that way.

It was a step by step process.  This systematic dismantling of our childhood glee, the sly extortion of our innocence.  Society ever so gently put its foot down, and before we could be aware of the machine we were falling into we looked up and were standing in line like obedient children eager to please the system of our making.  Molded and coerced into believing how things were, were the way they must be.  Stand in line.  Take your medicine. Pay your taxes (no matter how exorbitant the rate). And by all means, eat whatever your told is best(with no questions asked).

Sure we moaned and bitched along the way, But we always found ourselves standing in this predetermined line.  Who decided this was the way it should be?  Who said it was ok?  I guess it was all of us.  The funny and more so sad part of all this is, does any of us ever remember agreeing that this is the way life should be??

Waking up and smelling the stank, many of us are becoming keenly aware that THIS IS NOT OK!  Today is a new day, and now is the time to remember the child inside us that still dreams of a brighter day, an amazing day filled with endless potential and possibilities.  In our heart lay the beauty of a child's wild joy.  A joy that knows no bounds.  An imagination that reaches beyond the limits of the sky into uncharted territories.  Its in each and everyone of us.  This is the truth we need to uncover, to rediscover and bring into the light of this new day.  No more living in the lie that someone else thought was a good idea to push upon everyone.

In a child's heart grows the imaginings to recreate this joy within the hearts and minds of our adult selves.  The gift that awaits us all will only be opened and embraced with knowing that joy is experienced by living within the moment, by realizing that each moment is as precious as the next.  Discovering that the love we all yearn for has always been with us.  When we re-awaken to our heightened possibilities we will live in a knowing that we our beings of love and limitless creation. With our hearts united we will embrace in one love and live our life's to the fullest, rising up into the god's and goddess's we born to be.

~Jimmy Page~

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