Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Sweet Play of The Rain & (Patience)

The rain falls gently against the window and I love it. I so enjoy the rain. You must be thinking of how lucky I am with the abundance of rainfall we have been experiencing. It is true, I do feel fortunate. I a firm believer that we recieve just what it is we need. So right now I guess we need the cats and dogs of rain.

My day has layed itself out and oh how the ride has been a wild one. I haven't even left the house and I feel as though I have been through a world of ups and downs.

It's funny how no matter where we happen to be, life always presents us with a plethora of interesting experiences.

My son is the greatest blessing of life for me and equally so the greatest challenge. There is not a boundry I do not think he has tested. Each day is filled with the unending opportunity to test the limitations of my patience.

Over the years I have to say that the capacity of my patience has grown immensely. Yet, in a seconds time my loving adorable son can turn into a ravageous monster and in turn push my vast patience (or so I thought) to the limits of its breaking point.

Anyhow, I accept this challenge daily and by the moment. I continue to learn that I still have a lot of learning to do, and with this I am ok, at least for the moment.

This to me is a perfect example of life. We are constantly bombarded with the opportunity to grow. Through our daily exposure to life we have the endless experiences that lead to what it is what most need to learn in life.

So I guess for me, patience is an endless well of teachings. We can never be to patient, and this is important for us, and especially me to hear. When we can learn to let our patience continuely grow, we allow ourselves the chance to experience the most of what the moment has to offer us.

The more my patience spreads its loving wings, the more able I am to live in joy, or to enjoy what life is. Life is an eternal experience for us to create and feel what that creation has to give. As we offer our patience to life, life in turn gives to us the joy of experiencing all that IS! It is LOVE!

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