Monday, July 13, 2009


Hello ONe and All,
I was inspired to write this one day while I was sitting by the seashore. I was taking in all the beauty that surrounded me and I was suddenly struck with the inspiration to write this poem. Enjoy
Much Love,


Ahhhh……the ocean breeze
Ohhhh……how it pleases
My soul….
It releases

Expanded in its…Being
Through the waves,
I am seeing
The seeing,
The seeing is believing

The grandiosity of it all
Speaks to me of tale
Oh so tall

Its calmness and ferocity
Speak to me in a perfect harmony

All parts of this wild beauty
Are truly, breathing through me

The Ocean today, gently laps at the absorbing shore,
And still I feel its intensity,
Its power is beyond words of this world

Its truly, the Beast cast within the Beauty

Its all so perfect,
As am I

I am perfect in my strength
And equally so,
Within submissiveness’

One day we are absorbing the beauty-
Of the Quiet Giant
And the next, we are
Ignited by its wild fury

And its all perfection
Perfection breathing its many blessings-
Upon us and through us………

Then I gaze to the sweet serenity of-
The Horizon
A place a magical magnitudes
Where two surging forces Converge

A convergence of Divine proportion
They appear so separate at first glance
Then I look again
And they seemingly combine
Blending into one Divine-
Vine of life

I have never noticed it quite this way before,
Until I chose to open my eyes
To light of this new day

It is as if the Oceans currents breathe there wet breath-
Into the sky
And the sky welcomes the breath
And it drinks it in, as if it where-
A fine, fine Wine

This is beyond Mind
And with this,
I am fine

I breathe in the Ocean
And I breathe in the Sky

I stop thinking for a Moment
I stop asking why

And within this Moment
I find-
I am Divine

By Jimmy Page

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