Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hello 2 U,

It's been a bit since I have contributed to my blog.

I have been quite busy trying to start up a new venture in life. I am working on creating and establishing A business. I must say that it is a big step for me. I am excited and faithful about this whole thing.

I am going to set up some kind of "here I am" kind of thing, but have not gotten around to that yet. Stay tuned!

My word of the day is ENCOURAGEMENT. I think we all needs some at certain points in our life. I have been propelled by the universe and My Self to push into uncharted territories. The unknown can sometimes be a bit scary. I have sunk my life raft and now I need to dive within and create myself a new means to keep afloat in this world.

Thankfully I have faith in myself and what I am doing. But I will tell you this, some days its a little disconcerting. So i am encouring myself to stay calm and know that all will be ok. I am doing what feels right in my gut, and the rest will just have to fall in place as it will.

So With this ENCOURAGEMENT I push forward. Life gives us exactly what we need when we need it. SO here I am life, What's for dinner?

And so the story goes. I am ok with the uncertainty, at least I am for now. I am keeping the faith that things will fall in place as need be.

I will let you know how it goes as it goes.

I encourage us all to take a step out of our comfort Zone and to go out and chase our dreams, to play with filling our heart's desires. Its not always easy, but it is exciting, and in my eyes, it makes life alive. Life lives and breathes when you step out on a limb. Try it out, you might like it! If you don't like it you can always step back to where you think you appear comfortable.

But remember that life is precious and time seeems to be this commodity that passes us by if we aren't paying close attention.

Don't live a life full of regrets. Go out into the world and do what makes you happy. Go create the stuff that excites you. You can only do it if you our willing to try.

I think too many of us live in fear of the "what if's" Living in fear holds us back from experiencing true JOY.

For a moment put down the suitcase of "what it's" and step outside the box and welcome in something new, something unknown.

It took me a long time to finnally realize that noone was going to drop my dreams upon my lap. When it set in that if I didn't go out and chase my dreams they would never happen, I gathered up the courage and got off my ass and started creating the life that I had been dreaming about.

Now I won't lie, this can be a hard journey. But the rewards of seeing your dreams begin to come to fruition are immeasurable.

I know that when we dedicate ourselves to uncovering and then creating our dreams, a whole new world begins to open up to us. The mundane world in which we once lived in seems to suddenly ignite into this magical place that lives and breathes all around us. Its awesome stuff.

So give it a go, I encourage you to take a chance, Live a dream. Because if you don't do it for yourself it will never happen.

And if you are already chasing down your dreams, or better yet, livin them, well then right on. Keep on keepin on!

In ending this little segment of ENCOURAGEMENT I would like to say thanks for listening and I send my loving energy to you, and may your dreams come true.

Much Love,

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