Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Awakening to a New Day and a New a Way of life: Healthy and Happy

Day 6: The final day of my fast/cleanse. Day six was going wonderful until the evening hours. I was buzzing along and suddenly I caught a whiff of one of the most delectable dishes I know of. This dish is so good. I wish this thing had smell-a-vision. Its a simple dish of udon noodles topped with an array of healthy delicious vegis and finished off with the show stopper, peanut sauce. For one reason or another this dish blows my mind and sends my senses into overdrive.

In result of this explosion of aromatic heaven I instantly became irritated. To no ones fault but my own I turned instantly grumpy. I definitely had a moment, or two. I later apologized to my wife for my insta-attitude. It's funny how our senses can rule us at times. I knew that I was only going to be not eating for one more day, and still the thought of smelling something so good and not being able to put in my mouth was killing me.

After a brief freaking out period I took some deep soothing breathes and realized everything would be OK. I know we all have our moments, but in the past few years I have learned to manage myself and stay somewhat balanced in the ups and downs of life, so it came as a quite a shock that such a small thing could so quickly blow my top. In retrospect I am glad I was able to diffuse myself before blowing to pieces.

I am still happy I chose to and stuck with this fast. It has been a very eye opening experience, and it has helped me to break ground for a life filled with more awareness. My awareness in mind, body, and spirit has opened itself to a new level. I have discovered some of my hidden weaknesses and strengths, and with it I now have the first steps to further my healing on many levels.

Now what? Move forward and roll with the ever churning waves of life.

Today(day 7) has been exactly one week since I began the journey into fastening. Even though today is the day I break fast, I still won't be eating for almost one more whole day. It is important to let the body prepare for the food that it is soon to receive. Today I am mixing OJ with water to prepare my digestive track for solid foods.

That's all for now. I have much more to say, but now is not the time. Life is good and right now I am enjoying it. I am glad to be alive and thriving. Right now I am going to be with my family. Gratitude and grace surrounds and fills my soul, endless blessings of life rain upon me. Thank you!!!!!!!

Talk to you soon.

Much Love,

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