Friday, January 22, 2010

Day 2 / Day 3, and the beat of my empty belly goes on...

Here we are....

Its day 3 and The fast/cleanse continues in full swing. Fits of hunger have come and gone, and right now I am in this deep.

Day 1 was fairly smooth, besides the visit to the grocery store, all went as planned. At the grocery store everything that I would have liked to eat was screaming out my name, "Jimmy please take me home with you and eat me." That sounds a little funny, but oh well. I got out of there unscathed and feeling a bit stronger for it.

Watching the family eat dinner was a little tougher. The smell alone was killing me. It's like every smell was intensified ten fold. So I went into the bedroom and meditated. My mantra was, "I can do this." Then the door opened and my 4 years young son informed me that it was dinnertime and I should be eating. I gently explained that Dad would not be eating for awhile. This alone baffled my son. I went on to tell him that I was fine tuning my body, mind, and spirit and that part of doing that right now involved not eating. I think he may have heard the first few words and after that I am pretty sure I was faded out. Too much info Dad. Note taken.

Then soon after bedtime followed and I rejoiced in my first no food day. Wow!!!!!

On to Day 2; Woke up and I was ok until the sweet smell of waffles, pure maple syrup, and eggs filled the room and made my stomach just about reach out of my mouth and grab a plate full of tasty, yummy food, OMG!

They say, whoever they may be, that Day 2 and 3 are the hardest. This is when you hit the wall of hunger and question what the hell it is you are doing. Well at noon I was cruisin along, doing alright. Then I realized that it would be necessary to go to Whole foods grocery store in order to purchase the needed supplies to make my special drink. Oh Boy.... If you have never been to Whole foods, all I have to say is that it's the best, most amazing food store in the whole wide world, no joke. So needless to say this would be no easy task.

As I entered the store about five people where exiting with their hot lunch from the buffet. The smells alone floored me, not to mention the look of, "This is going to be so darn good" in their eyes. Anyways, I was on a mission. I took a b-line for the lemons and completely avoided at all cost the "Killer Buffet" and bakery area. I got the stuff and got out. It wasn't so bad.

At this point I am feeling pretty good about myself. I had overcome some major challenges and now I was on my way. On my way to what I was not sure.

The rest of the day went fairly smooth. I made my drinks, drank my drinks, and repeated. Dinner came once again and I once again retreated to the safety of my non food smelling room. Later I went to a class called "Intuition night" which helped to take my mind off all things concerning food. The evening went great and I came home had my smooth move tea, and went to bed.

I woke to Day 3: In my sleep I had vivid dreams of eating yummy cheese slices. I guess my body wants some cheese. I had to be the bearer of bad news and inform my body that it would have to be patient for a few more days before consuming any yummy cheese. My body was sad, but it understood this was important to me and gave me it's temporary approval, emphasis on the temporary.

What was really funny was that in the dream I got upset because I remembered I was fasting and that I had ruined it by eating the cheese. I was relieved to wake up and realize that I did not eat any cheese.

As the day moves on I am feeling the true signs of hunger. My belly is talking, and it is asking me what the heck am I doing. I calmly respond and say that I am cleansing the system and working to attune to higher vibrations. The stomach doesn't understand and rumbles on about the crazy head on my shoulders.

Right now it is 2pm and I have just completed my forth glass of the special drink. I am doing alright. My energy is still kickin along. I have had a few bouts of tiredness, but I am working through them. The special drink helps to boost my metabolism and keep me kickin.

That's all for now. I will go into further details of the whys of this whole fast/cleanse on my next entry. Until them, be well and keep on keepin on.

Much Love,

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