Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 8/ The Clouds Part and I Can See the Light ( or at least the yummy food on the table in front of me)

Day 8: a splendid day. I will get right to it. The vegetable soup, once I got the opportunity to sit down and eat it was, oh so awesome. I savored every bite. I shut the rest of the world off temporarily and absorbed every flavor and morsel of that tasty vegi soup. The warmth and texture alone were a dream come true. finally eat. I have such a new found respect for the nourishment that fuels our bodies. FOOD, in all it's many manifestations in such a blessing. There are endless creations to be experienced in the wild world of cooking and eating. I feel this overwhelming urge to dive into all the magnificent cook books in my house and unearth the amazing and tantalizing dishes that lay hidden within the endless pages of delight.

And so this is what I am doing. I have already found a handful of delectable looking entrees that not only look awesome, but also are pretty darn healthy too. There are so many different options out there to choose from. I no longer have to sacrifice taste to enjoy what I am eating. In these cookbooks lie the secrets to my good health and the joy of my taste buds. When you finally make it your mission to eat and be healthy, it's as if this whole new world opens up to you. I can finally learn to control my consumption and savor every bite by knowing what I am doing is benefiting the highest good of me and the highest good of all.

I am going to wrap up for tonight. But first I just want to say that I encourage you all to take a moment to think deeply about what you are putting into your mouth. Does it represent your best interests, and even a step further, does it hinder or help the whole of life? I know these are some deep questions, but at the same time I feel at this point in our lives it's so important to look at the bigger picture of life. To see the bigger picture we start by looking within ourselves and finding the truth that lies within. Once we uncover our personal truths, we can then find how our personal actions impact and integrate with the whole. It's all a big circle. When you respect yourself, you can then learn to respect everyone.

The healing starts with you and extends out into the world to heal others. We learn by example and we lead by example. Today, right at this very moment is our opportunity to change our lives in a positive direction. Our imaginations have no limits except that of our self. Expand past your limitations and create a brighter future for you and everyone that surrounds you.

Goodnight and Be Well.


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