Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 5 / Discovering the root cause of my continual craving

Day 5 was rather uneventful for me. Yes, I was hungry and no, I did not eat. It happened to be one of the easiest days so far, why, I do not know. I would tell you that maybe it is because I am becoming accustom to this whole fast thing, but since I am writing about day 5 on day 6, I can tell you I am not becoming accustom to this whole fast thing. More on this later in Day 6.

What I did figure out is why I feel the way I do. You at first, or at least I thought it would get easier as the days went by. No such luck. What I found out was that my body, or better yet, the mind of my body (not to be confused with my brain) is freaking out and going into what you could call starvation mode. It thinks it's not going to getting anymore food, and I suppose for good reason, is going into shock. For my whole life I have been feeding this body day in and day out. Suddenly I am denying the body food and it is not happy with me.

Our bodies have an intelligence of their own and when we throw a major kink in the works (hence the fast) the body will do everything it can to get me to eat. This is the precise reason why my cravings have at times and continue to be so intense. When the mind is occupied with, well let's say writing this blog, the need or want to eat falls into the background. It still remains, yet it becomes manageable to deal with. To put it simple its mind over matter.

I have realized in the past six days how psychological the consumption of food can be. I now know I can survive without food for a determined duration and still be OK. I am not saying I would try to go a month without food, all that I am purveying is that the human body will sustain in periods of not eating. As long as your body receives the precious commodity of H2O it will continue to thrive for quite some time.

With this being said, our diet can sometimes be likened to a mind game with our self. We think we need this or that, when in reality what the body needs and what we think it needs can often be two completely different stories. My brain can really screw with me sometimes. In the past the urge to satisfy my sweet tooth has been paramount at times. Yet, I now realize its all in my head. All that I need to do to move past these cravings is to one; shift my energy and attention to something other than sweets,and two; find some kind of food that will fulfill my craving yet still be healthy. I have discovered many alternatives to the pure sugar infested dessert. Now all that I have to do is focus on dedicating myself to choosing the alternative and being healthy for it.

Food can easily overwhelm our senses and fog our discernment of what is actually best for our bodies. With dedication and determination the vision of a healthy lifestyle and a healthier you can easily become the new reality within my life and possibly yours too.

As hard as this has been and continues to be for me, I am glad I have taken the courage to make a conscious change in my life.

Thanks for listening,

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