Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Day 7 and I see a new horizon :)

Day 7: It seems as though my blog is lagging one day behind my present reality. I suppose these things are to be expected. Life sometimes doesn't give us a chance to do the things we mean to do. But just the same we accomplish what we need to in the moment.

Today, I mean yesterday(day 7) was an intense but amazing day. Life demanded a lot from me yesterday and I did my best to step up and deliver. With out going into all the details I will tell you that yesterdays waves were big and I dug in and rode to the best of my abilities. Looking back today I am happy how things played out and feel blessed to be in the presence of so many loving and caring beings. Namaste.

Being the first day off my Fast was a bit relieving, very rewarding, and still an anxiousness to eat. All in all I was OK with not eating for so long, but I was definitely looking forward to eating some delicious and healthy food. Even though I was done with the fast I still would not be eating any food on day 7. Day 7 I began to drink a mixture of OJ and water. This will help my digestive track to prepare for my first meal. The OJ is a pleasant welcome, but its not quite the welcomed substance of food, obviously.

The day was pretty smooth and I treated myself to a very small piece of a wheat cracker in the evening hours. It was delicious, and as small as it was, it still was very satisfying. Ahhhh.... the simple pleasures. As the day faded away I enjoyed the moment but also looked forward to Day 8: my first "real" meal.

In retrospect of this interesting journey I am still reeling at how much of our eating, or at least mine, has to do with the wanting of food, not necessarily the needing of food. Through out most of this Fast/cleanse the hardest part has been overcoming my old thought patterns. To dissolve the old patterns I have had to do my very best to be as present as possible and know that my body has what it needs to survive through this experience of Fastening.

It is amazing to realize it takes very little to keep our engines running. Our bodies are capable of living healthy with a lot less than most of us think. I think most of us get lost in our eating habits. Sometimes we bury the emotions and feelings we have trouble facing by submersing ourselves in food.

For me sweets have long been a filler for life's dullness, or at least the feeling of dullness. A temporary bliss is created when these tasty treats are consumed. The other issue that has long plagued me has been the uncontrollable consumption of food in general. If it tastes good, I used to have a hard time putting down. My new word is MODERATION.

This fast is helping me to open my eyes and awaken myself to the possibility of taking control of a run away train. Everything in moderation. I am from now on going to be eating very healthy. For me one of the hardest challenges is portion control. Even if the food I am eating is good for me, it doesn't mean it is healthy if I eat twice as much as I should. From here on in I will eat with total awareness. I am taking deep breathes between bites and relaxing. I am relaxing and realizing my body knows when to stop eating and all I need to do is listen to the signs my body is sending me.

The weight of my body at this time in my life is not of a huge concern to me. The main reason I am re framing my eating habits is to create a healthy respect for what I am putting into my body and knowing it takes a lot less than I once thought to fill my vessel to its optimum capacity. I have also learned that when I consume certain foods in unhealthy proportions my body has to not only work harder than necessary, but it also tends to crash after overindulgence. These extreme highs and lows create an instability within the body resulting in extreme emotions along with a list of many other unpleasant bodily reactions. This extra work on the body creates fatigue and leaves you usually craving more of the drug that led to all this in the first place.

All this is reason enough for me to change my lifestyle and welcome a new vision of the most healthiest me that can be.

It will be fun and interesting to see how day 8 will be with the welcome of my first meal: yummy homemade vegetable soup, compliments of my wife. Thanks Babe

Be Well!

See You soon,

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